FEBT 25th Annual Reunion – 2007

October 5, 6 & 7, 2007


Printable 25th Fall Reunion Registration Form

Join us October 5-7 for FEBT's 25th Fall Reunion

Join us on the 2007 Columbus Day holiday weekend for our twenty-fifth annual Fall Reunion at the East Broad Top Railroad and Friends of the East Broad Top Museum. Our Fall Reunion schedule on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, October 5-7, should give all of our members plenty to do, while enjoying the distinctive sights, sounds, and aromas of the EBT’s 2007 fall celebration. Among the FEBT-sponsored activities will be the FEBT Company Store, other vendor and dealer displays, photo and model contests, auction, Saturday dinner, Sunday open house at the FEBT Museum at Robertsdale, and tours of Rockhill Furnace, Robertsdale, and Mount Union.

On Friday, October 5, FEBT member and noted EBT modeler Ronald L. Pearson has tentatively agreed to discuss his research and modeling of Rockhill Iron and Coal Company Robertsdale mine no. 1 at the Lions Hall.

FEBT Fall Reunion tours on Saturday, October 6, will include at least one special guided tour around the EBT Rockhill Furnace shop complex to demonstrate the progress our restoration volunteers have made since last year and a guided walking tour of the EBT’s Mount Union yard.

On Sunday, October 7, FEBT assistant vice president Vagel C. Keller will lead his popular Robertsdale mine walking tour. While not exactly a tour, our FEBT restoration volunteers plan to have exhibits on display at Rockhill Furnace on both Saturday and Sunday, showing the work now underway and planned for the future. Other tours may be added as we get closer to October.


You can register for this year’s Fall Reunion in advance by mail or register in person on October 5 or 6. Use the registration form included with this announcement to pre-register for the 2007 FEBT Fall Reunion. Help us avoid problems by filling in all information requested on the Fall Reunion registration form, including any reservations for the Fall Reunion dinner. Completed registration forms should be mailed to the following address:

FEBT Fall Reunion Registration
c/o Pat Coleman
3416 Lowell Drive
Columbus OH 43204

Please include your payment with your registration form and make all checks payable to "FEBT." Please do not combine your 2007 Fall Reunion payment with other payments (to renew your FEBT membership, for example). Please do not mail registration forms to us after September 25; after this date you should plan to register in person on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

FEBT members and others who pre-register for the 2007 Fall Reunion can pick up their Reunion registration material on Friday, October 5, at the Orbisonia Lions Hall between 4 and 8:30 pm (approximately). The Fall Reunion registration table will open at the Lions Hall at 8:30 am Saturday. Throughout Saturday morning and afternoon pre-registered Fall Reunion participants can obtain their registration materials, and others may register on a walk-up basis.

Each Fall Reunion registrant will receive one regular EBT fall celebration train ticket, one EBT shop tour ticket, two Baldwin Locomotive Works EBT locomotive number-plate jewelry pins (one each of no. 8 and no. 9), full EBT and FEBT schedules for the weekend, contest ballot, plus other information of interest to Fall Reunion participants. Because the Saturday evening Fall Reunion dinner is not included with your 2007 Fall Reunion registration, you must make a separate meal reservation on the registration form.

Note that you can pre-register for additional reunion packages for friends and family by indicating the number and type of registration packages desired and stating the names of all registrants in the appropriate block on the registration form. Please remember that spouses and dependent children of FEBT family, sustaining, associate, and life members qualify for the FEBT member rate for 2007 Fall Reunion registrations.

2007 Fall Reunion dinner

Separate reservations are required for our annual Fall Reunion dinner at the Orbisonia-Rockhill Fire Hall on Saturday, October 6. Note that there will be only one dinner seating at 5:00 pm. This year the dinner menu will feature barbecue chicken and roast beef.

The capacity of the Orbisonia-Rockhill Fire Hall is 150 diners, and therefore we are offering only 150 reservations for the 2007 Fall Reunion dinner—available on a first-ordered, first-reserved basis. You must indicate your entrée selection at the time of registration. Fall Reunion registrants may reserve as many seats at the Saturday dinner as they wish until all 150 seats have been reserved. (Dinner tickets for any persons in your family or group who are not registered Fall Reunion participants will be included in the Fall Reunion material waiting for you at the registration table.) The additional required payment must be included with your advance registration form to hold reserved seats at the 2007 Fall Reunion dinner.

If seats are still available, FEBT members who register on Saturday may purchase reservations for the Fall Reunion dinner. We cannot guarantee that you will get your entree choice if you don’t pre-register. Last year we were able to accommodate all registrants who wanted seats at the Fall Reunion dinner—but we can obviously make no guarantees that this year seats will still be available on October 6.

25th Fall Reunion commemorative caps

To commemorate our twenty-fifth Fall Reunion we are producing special baseball-style caps for sale during the 2007 Fall Reunion. These black cotton caps with adjustable rear Velcro strap will feature the M-1 style FEBT logo (like on the first page of this newsletter) embroidered in silver metallic thread. Also produced for this year's Fall Reunion are our final jewelry pins based on the number plates of the locomotives the EBT purchased from Baldwin Locomotive Works. These metal pins (finished in black, red, and metallic brass) for EBT locomotives nos. 8 and 9, complete the series of jewelry pins initiated many years ago by the late Richard B. Keller.

Fall Reunion registrants can purchase caps and additional EBT locomotive no. 8 and no. 9 number-plate pins with their advance registrations. FEBT members not planning to attend the 2007 Fall Reunion can also order caps and pins—while supplies last—by mail order. See the registration form for prices and more information.

FEBT Fall Reunion auction

We invite 2007 Fall Reunion registrants to join us at the Orbisonia Lions Hall on the evening of Saturday, October 7—after the EBT night train—for our annual Fall Reunion auction, where EBT memorabilia, models, and other railroad items donated to FEBT will be sold to the highest bidders. All proceeds from the auction go to the FEBT Restoration Fund to support the work of our restoration pro-gram.

To encourage donations of suitable items for this year's auction, we are again including a $5.00 check-off discount for all Fall Reunion registrants who donate an item or collection of items worth $25 or more to FEBT for the Fall Reunion auction. EBT and railroad books, models, and other materials are welcome.

Fall Reunion volunteers needed!

The FEBT Reunion work group is looking for FEBT members who are willing to spend an hour or two of their time on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of the 2007 Fall Reunion weekend to assist us at the Fall Reunion registration table, FEBT Company Store, FEBT information booth, FEBT Museum at Robertsdale, and with other Fall Reunion activities. If this sounds like something you'd like to do, use the questionnaire with the registration form to indicate your interest. Or you can contact FEBT reunion registrar Patricia J. Coleman.

Please remember to include your email address (preferred) or telephone number when returning your registration form or when you contact Patty, so she can quickly establish communications with you.

So where is the Orbisonia Lions Hall?

To get to the Orbisonia Lions Hall from US 522, turn west (toward the EBT) at the Orbisonia traffic light, then turn left at the K.L. Mills hardware store; the Lions Hall will be just beyond it on the right.

For additional information

If you find you need additional information about the 2007 FEBT Fall Reunion, please contact Patricia Coleman by e-mail at ebtsteam@wowway.com or by telephone at (614) 670-4602. Look for Fall Reunion updates on the FEBT website at www.febt.org.

Printable 25th Fall Reunion Registration Form