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Join us on October 7 and 8
FEBT's Eighteenth Fall Reunion Coming Up!

This year's Fall Reunion on October 7 and 8 is Friends of the East Broad Top's eighteenth annual celebration at the East Broad Top Railroad. Join us for a variety of events and activities on Saturday and Sunday of the Columbus Day holiday weekend, including vendor and dealer displays, photo and model contests, auction, Saturday supper, and Sunday open house at the FEBT Museum at Robertsdale.

The 2000 FEBT Fall Reunion continues several features introduced last year: a discount for preregistering, simplified registration options, separate reservations for the Saturday Fall Reunion dinner, and a regular EBT Fall Spectacular train ticket and EBT shop tour ticket included in every registration package.


This year there is a single registration package. In 2000 each Fall Reunion registration will receive one regular EBT Fall Spectacular train ticket, one EBT shop tour ticket, one FEBT–logo baseball cap, 2000 Fall Reunion commemorative button, full EBT and FEBT schedules for the weekend, contest ballot, plus other information of interest to Fall Reunion participants. Because the Saturday evening Fall Reunion dinner is not included with your 2000 Fall Reunion registration, this year you again must make a separate meal reservation on the registration form.

Note that you can preregister for additional reunion packages for friends and family by indicating the number and type of registration packages desired and stating the names of all registrants in the appropriate block on the registration form. Please remember that spouses and dependent children of FEBT family, sustaining, and life members qualify for the FEBT member rate for 2000 Fall Reunion registrations. (If you're registering for more than four persons, include the names of the additional registrants, together with the other information requested, on a separate, attached sheet of paper or use a copy of the registration form for this purpose.)

2000 Fall Reunion Dinner

This year separate reservations are required for the annual Fall Reunion dinner at the Orbisonia–Rockhill Fire Hall on Saturday, October 7. Like last year, there will be only one dinner seating at 5 PM.

The permitted capacity of the Orbisonia–Rockhill Fire Hall is 150 diners, and therefore we are offering only 150 reservations for the 2000 Fall Reunion dinner available on a first–ordered, first reserved basis. Fall Reunion registrants may reserve as many seats at the Saturday dinner as they wish until all 150 seats have been reserved. (Dinner tickets for any persons in your family or group who are not registered Fall Reunion participants will be included in the Fall Reunion material waiting for you at the registration table.) The additional required payment must be included with your advance registration form to hold reserved seats at the 2000 Fall Reunion dinner.

If seats are still available, FEBT members who register on Saturday morning may purchase reservations for the Fall Reunion dinner. Last year we were able to accommodate all registrants who wanted seats at the 1999 Fall Reunion dinner but we can obviously make no guarantees about seats that may still be available on October 7.

EBT Fall Spectacular Train and Shop Tour Tickets

This year all 2000 Fall Reunion registrants will again receive both train tickets and shop tour tickets. By incorporating these EBT tickets in every Fall Reunion registration, FEBT provides increased financial support for the EBT's 2000 Fall Spectacular an objective all FEBT members share.

The train ticket will can be used on any regular EBT Fall Spectacular round–trip train ride between the Orbisonia Station and Colgate Grove subject to the usual conditions set by the East Broad Top Railroad. (These tickets cannot be used to ride the M–1 or other trains for which a special fare is required.) The shop tour ticket permits FEBT Fall Reunion registrants to take any one of the guided tours inside the EBT Rockhill Furnace shop complex scheduled on Saturday and Sunday of the Fall Spectacular weekend.

EBT General Manager Stanley Hall assures us that FEBT Fall Reunion registrants are welcome to exchange the train ticket included with each 2000 Fall Reunion registration for all–day passes or other special Fall Spectacular tickets. When making such ticket exchanges at the EBT ticket window, only the difference between the cost of the regular Fall Spectacular train ticket and the pass or special ticket will be charged.

How to Register

Please use the registration form included with this announcement to preregister for the 2000 FEBT Fall Reunion. Help us avoid problems by filling in all information requested on the Fall Reunion registration form, including any reservations for the Fall Reunion dinner. Completed registration forms should be mailed to:

FEBT Fall Reunion Advance Registration
c/o Thomas A. Diehl, Jr.
RR 7 Box 7678
Stroudsburg PA 18360

Please include your payment with your registration form and make all checks payable to "FEBT." Please do not combine your 2000 Fall Reunion registration and dinner registration payment with other payments (to renew your FEBT membership, for example). Do not mail registration forms to us after September 30; after this date you should plan to register in person on Saturday morning.

FEBT members and others who preregister for the 2000 Fall Reunion can pick up their Reunion registration material on Friday, October 6, at the Orbisonia Lions Hall between 7 and 8:30 PM (approximately). The Fall Reunion registration table will open at the Lions Hall at 8 AM Saturday. Throughout Saturday morning and afternoon preregistered Fall Reunion participants can obtain their registration materials, and others may register on a walk–up basis.

Fall Reunion Contests

As in previous years, the 2000 Fall Reunion will incorporate contests for models based on EBT prototypes and photographs of the East Broad Top Railroad. To allow for balloting, the deadline for submitting contest entries at the Orbisonia Lions Hall is 12 Noon on Saturday. All photographs and models entered will be on display at the Lions Hall throughout Saturday afternoon. All contest winners will be awarded engraved plaques, and prize–winning models constructed from FEBT kits will receive special recognition. Contest prizes will be announced at the Lions Hall Saturday evening before the start of the auction. For more information about the Fall Reunion contests, please consult the contest rules (printed elsewhere in this newsletter) or contact FEBT Contest Chairman Robert Baily.

Fall Reunion Auction

After the Saturday night train on the EBT, join us at the Orbisonia Lions Hall for the annual Fall Reunion auction, where EBT memorabilia, models, and other railroad items donated to FEBT will be sold to the highest bidders! All proceeds from the auction go to the FEBT Restoration Fund to support our restoration of the EBT Robertsdale Depot and EBT Combine No. 16, our rehabilitation of the Old Robertsdale Post Office, and other preservation initiatives. To encourage donations of suitable items for this year's auction, we are again including a $5.00 check–off discount for all Fall Reunion registrants who donate an item or collection of items worth $25.00 or more to FEBT for the Fall Reunion auction. EBT and railroad books, models, and other materials are welcome!

FEBT T–Shirts, Sweatshirts, and Caps for Sale

We are offering FEBT T–shirts, sweatshirts, and caps for sale at the 2000 Fall Reunion. This year we continue the series of T–shirts and caps featuring the FEBT logo that will eventually reproduce all color combinations of lettering and paint exhibited by EBT rolling stock. This year we offer a Hanes 100% heavy–weight preshrunk cotton red T–shirt with "standard" FEBT logo in white on the left chest area. The caps produced for the 2000 Fall Reunion are baseball–style cotton caps, black or green with orange FEBT embroidered logo. Remember each 2000 Fall Reunion registrant receives one cap with his or her registration. (Cap color preferences will be honored while supplies last.) FEBT members and Fall Reunion participants can also purchase any caps remaining after all registration requirements have been fulfilled.

At the 2000 Fall Reunion we will also have a limited number of Lee 50% cotton–50% polyester green sweatshirts featuring our popular white and orange Combine No. 16 design. Two years ago T–shirts printed with this design disappeared in a hurry, and this year we don't expect these sweatshirts to last much longer!

Prices for the T–shirts, sweatshirts, and caps are shown on the Fall Reunion registration form. Supplies will be limited, so orders will be filled on a first come, first served basis. To get the sizes you want, we recommend you order your sweatshirts and T–shirts when you preregister. Fall Reunion registrants can pick up their caps and the T–shirts and sweatshirts they order from the Fall Reunion registration table when they obtain their registration materials. Any T–shirts, sweatshirts, and caps available after the orders submitted by those who preregister for the Fall Reunion are filled can be purchased on Saturday and Sunday, while the supply lasts.

Not coming to the 2000 Fall Reunion? You can still order caps, sweatshirts, and T–shirts! Use the registration form to place your order and enclose the additional shipping and handling charge for mail orders with your payment. Mail orders will be filled from stock on hand after the Fall Reunion weekend; any payments for mail orders we receive that cannot be filled will be returned.

Fall Reunion Volunteers Needed!

The FEBT Reunion work group is looking for FEBT members who are willing to spend an hour or two of their time on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of the 2000 Fall Reunion weekend to assist us at the Fall Reunion registration table, FEBT Company Store, FEBT information booth, FEBT Museum at Robertsdale, and with other Fall Reunion activities. If this sounds like something you'd like to do, use the questionnaire on the back of the registration form to indicate your interest. Or you can contact Vagel C. Keller, Vice President, Member Services, who is coordinating our Fall Reunion volunteers, directly for more information:

Vagel C. Keller, Vice President, Member Services
P. O. Box 5130
Pittsburgh PA 15206
telephone (412) 441–7881

Please remember to include your telephone number (and email address, if you have one) when returning your registration form or when you contact Vagel, so he can quickly establish communications with you!

So Where's the Orbisonia Lions Hall?

To get to the Orbisonia Lions Hall from US 522, turn west (toward the EBT) at the Orbisonia traffic light, then turn left at K L Mills; the Lions Hall will be below and to the right. From the EBT proceed on Pennsylvania 994 (Meadow Street) toward Orbisonia; turn right just after crossing the bridge over Blacklog Creek and look for the Lions Hall below and to the right.

For Additional Information

If you find you need additional information about the 2000 FEBT Fall Reunion, please contact Thomas A. Diehl, Jr., by telephone at (570) 421–7431 or by email at Or look for Fall Reunion updates on the FEBT web site at

EBT's 2000 Fall Spectacular Should Be Spectacular!

The East Broad Top Railroad is again planning a spectacular Fall Spectacular for 2000. This annual celebration of the EBT's continuing tourist operations takes place on Saturday and Sunday of the Columbus Day holiday weekend. On October 7 and 8 all true aficionados of steam–powered, narrow–gauge railroading will surely make the annual pilgrimage to Rockhill Furnace, Pennsylvania, to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of this remarkable living artifact of America's industrial heritage.

As this is written the EBT has not determined the final schedule and fares for its 2000 Fall Spectacular trains. If this year runs true to form, the railroad will use its four operating Mikado steam locomotives, in various permutations, to run many different train consists on both days. We expect the unique M–1 gas–electric to make its annual appearance, too. Saturday evening will undoubtedly feature the EBT's once–a–year night trains.

For information about 2000 Fall Spectacular tickets, all–day passes, and train schedules, contact the EBT directly:

East Broad Top Railroad
P.O. Box 158
Rockhill Furnace PA 17249
telephone: (814) 447–3011
FAX: (814) 447–3256

As it becomes available, current Fall Spectacular information will also be placed on the FEBT web site

FEBT Annual Business Meeting, Pizza on Friday, October 6

The 2000 business meeting of Friends of the East Broad Top, Inc., will be held at 7 PM on Friday, October 6, at the Orbisonia Lions Hall. FEBT officers and directors will report on various matters and answer questions about our 1999 and 2000 operations. All FEBT members are welcome to attend.

If you're looking for dinner or a snack before the business meeting, join us for soft drinks and pizza at the Orbisonia Lions Hall. Pizza will be available starting at 6 PM; cash contributions will be collected to cover the cost of the pizza.

Display your EBT models and photographs
Contest Rules for 2000 Fall Reunion

As a reminder to FEBT members interested in entering models or photographs in this year's Fall Reunion contests, the current rules governing these contests are reprinted here. Note that all models entered in the Fall Reunion contests are to be of East Broad Top Railroad prototypes, and all photos entered are to have the EBT as their subject.

This year we will again award special recognition to prize–winning model built from FEBT kits.

General Rules

Any FEBT member who is a Reunion registrant may enter the model and photo contests. A member in good standing who cannot attend the Reunion may have a Reunion registrant submit an entry for that member.

Any FEBT member who is a Reunion registrant may enter a model which he owns but did not build, and may choose to have any award the model earns placed in the builder's name.

No model or photo that has ever won an award in a previous FEBT contest may be entered. Any model or photo that has been entered in a previous FEBT contest without winning an award may be repeatedly entered until it wins an award.


Photos will be entered in either the black–and–white or color categories.

All photos must be mounted on, or in, a mat board. No picture frames or glass/Plexiglas covers may be used.

The size of the mat board used to mount any photo can be no larger than 11 inches by 14 inches. The photo may be any size that does not exceed the size of the mat board.

Only one photo may be submitted by an entrant in each of the black–and–white and color categories.

The photo must be entered under the photographer's name. Only the photographer can enter a photo.


There is no limit to the number of models entered by each entrant.

There must be at least two models entered in a category for a contest to be declared. No award will be given in any category in which a contest is not declared. At the discretion of the Contest Chairman, in consultation with the Reunion Chairman, categories may be combined to insure a contest. All models submitted will be eligible for the Best in Show award and any special contest awards.

The contest categories for models are as follows:

Locomotives — Any self–propelled equipment except maintenance–of–way speeders;

Freight Cars — Any revenue freight equipment, including cabooses;

Passenger Cars — Any revenue passenger equipment;

Maintenance of Way — Any nonrevenue equipment primarily intended for track or lineside maintenance;

Structures — Any building or other structure, either railroad–related or lineside;

Module/Diorama — A structure or structures that are mounted on a base which depicts a scene, with or without track.

Supporting documentation may be displayed with any entry, so long as the entrant's name does not appear on any of the documentation.

Special Contests: From time to time, special contests may be announced, featuring a specific subject or type of equipment. A special award will be given for the entry with the highest vote tally among the entries in the special category.


All awards will be by popular vote of all Reunion registrants. In addition to the categories listed above, a Best of Show category will be included for the model entries only.

Awards for first, second, and third place will be awarded in each category where a contest has been declared. In addition, all entries will receive a "Certificate of Merit" for participating in the contest.

Awards for first, second, and third place will normally consist of a plaque. In order to control expenses, the plaques may be prepared and provided to the recipients at a later date, so as not to create award plaques for categories in which no contest is declared. An appropriate certificate and/or ribbon will be provided at the contest to signify the winners in lieu of the plaques.

Special Recognition for Models from FEBT Kits

In addition to prizes awarded as described in the official contest rules, FEBT will again award gift certificates from the FEBT Company Store to prize–winning models and certain other contest entries constructed from FEBT kits. Models from FEBT kits that win first place in any contest category will receive $35.00 Company Store gift certificates; $25.00 will be awarded to second–place models, $15.00 to third–place models, and $10.00 gift certificates to other entries that, in the opinion of the contest judges, are worthy of recognition.

For more information about the Fall Reunion contests, contact

Robert Baily, Contest Chairman
RR 2 Box 187
Wellsboro PA 16901
telephone: (570) 724–7149 EBT herald

This newsletter is a publication of Friends of the East Broad Top, Inc., a nonprofit educational and historical society dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the East Broad Top Railroad, a US National Historic Landmark located in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. As of the date of this newsletter, FEBT regular membership costs $25.00 per twelve months; other memberships are available. For more information please consult the FEBT web site at Friends of the East Broad Top, Inc., holds events and work sessions on the property of the East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Company by arrangement with the East Broad Top Railroad. However, the East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Company retains its right to restrict or deny access of any person to its property at any time and for any reason

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