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of the East Broad Top Railroad National Historic Landmark

2005 FEBT Summer Celebration is June 4 and 5

More than a century of East Broad Top Railroad history is the focus of the 2005 FEBT Summer Celebration. Based on his personal experience, former EBT trainman Lee R. Wilson will describe post–World War II operations at the EBT. FEBT president Hank Inman will discuss what we know about the organizers and investors who in 1872–1874 constructed the EBT. And then there are the EBT trains to ride and watch, tours inside and outside the historic EBT shop complex to enjoy, and progress of our Rockhill Furnace restoration volunteers to inspect. Why not make plans now to join us?

These are just some of the activities we have planned on Saturday and Sunday, June 4 and 5, as we celebrate the start of another operating season at the East Broad Top Railroad and the FEBT Museum. As in past years, FEBT volunteers will offer guided tours inside the railroad's machine shop. We will also offer guided walking tours around the Rockhill Furnace yard. All tours will open to the general public as well as to FEBT members. One of our art reproductions of John H. Coker's Leaving Robertsdale, Pennsylvania will be on display at our Rockhill Furnace information booth, where visitors may obtain information about FEBT programs and activities. In Robertsdale, we plan to open the FEBT Museum special hours both days. Of course, other activities may be added to the 2005 FEBT Summer Celebration schedule as we get closer to June.

On Saturday afternoon, Lee Wilson has agreed to discuss his EBT career, train operations, and memories of fellow trainmen with Summer Celebration registrants. Lee's seniority date as a brakeman on EBT trains was November 27, 1951. On Saturday evening, registered Summer Celebration participants are invited to attend our evening program and reception at the FEBT Museum, where we will have soft drinks available. This year Hank Inman has tentatively agreed to talk about one of his EBT research projects: Joseph Gillingham Fell and the founders of the East Broad Top Railroad. Only Summer Celebration registrants may participate in these discussions.

On each day the EBT will operate its usual three–train schedule, and normal ticket prices apply. Tickets for the guided tours inside the machine shop are $7.00 per person. However, by registering at the FEBT information booth, FEBT members can obtain a train ticket, participate in as many Saturday and Sunday shop tours as they wish, participate in the discussion with Lee Wilson on Saturday afternoon, and attend the Saturday evening reception and program at the FEBT Museum for the special event fee of $15.00 per person. This registration fee is less than the combined cost of a train ticket and one shop tour ticket if purchased from the EBT. Note Spouses and dependent children of FEBT family, sustaining, associate, and life members may also participate at the FEBT member rate. Non–FEBT members may register for all Summer Celebration activities for $20.00 per person. There is no advance registration for the 2005 FEBT Summer Celebration; please register at the FEBT information booth (near the Rockhill Furnace roundhouse) on Saturday morning.

How you can help us

Can you help us as a volunteer during the 2005 Summer Celebration? FEBT members interested in helping at this event should contact either FEBT assistant vice president Vagel C. Keller at or (412) 441–7881 or FEBT director Dennis R. Straub at or (717) 249–4239. Please contact Vagel or Dennis as soon as possible, so we can determine our final arrangements for the FEBT tours and other Summer Celebration activities.

FEBT members can also help us stimulate public interest in our 2005 Summer Celebration. An announcement aimed at the general public for both the FEBT tours at the EBT and our museum's open house is included as an insert to this newsletter. We encourage all FEBT members to reproduce and distribute copies of this announcement to railfans and others who may be interested in what we have planned for June 4–5.

Reminder about upcoming events

Don't forget to mark your calendars for these upcoming 2005 events.

August 13: East Broad Top Railroad Homecoming Appreciation Day. FEBT will join with the EBT to celebrate this anniversary of the railroad's rebirth in 1960. FEBT volunteers will lead tours inside the EBT's Rockhill Furnace shops and provide guided walking tours around the shops and yard.

October 8–9: 23rd FEBT Fall Reunion and East Broad Top Railroad 2005 Fall Celebration. Special EBT trains, FEBT contests, walking and driving tours, FEBT Museum fall open house, reunion dinner, and much more!

Check the FEBT web site for more details about these events as we get closer to them. Registration information for the 2005 FEBT Fall Reunion will be mailed to members in August.

Equipment needed for restoration shop

FEBT member Charles A. Wootton, who with FEBT vice president R. Lee Rainey is coordinating work on our restoration shop in the space we have leased inside the East Broad Top Railroad's Rockhill Furnace paint shop building, reports that in April FEBT volunteers installed additional power outlets inside the building. In addition to the additional standard outlets, a 240–volt, 50–ampere power outlet will serve an electric welding machine.

Charlie and Lee have also started planning for the equipment we will need in our restoration shop. Charlie indicates that we will definitely need a drill press and radial–arm saw. We invite FEBT members who may be interested in donating this equipment to us to contact Charlie Wootton directly to confirm what exactly we're looking for. Charlie can be reached by telephone at (814) 765–1317 (evenings) or by e–mail at

2005 FEBT restoration work is underway

Work on our current restoration projects commenced this year in January and—with the help of our volunteers and contractors—we have advanced on several fronts. Heres a summary of where we are now.

Rockhill Furnace

FEBT vice president Lee Rainey reports that progress on this year's projects continued at our March and April restoration work sessions at Rockhill Furnace. In the paint shop, FEBT volunteers continued clean–up work inside the building, reinstalled refurbished window sashes and installed additional electrical wiring. In the boiler house, we have started additional interior repairs and begun work on the adjacent coal bin. Our restoration volunteers cleared more brush 30 feet along the right of way toward Colgate Grove.

Our restoration work on historic EBT freight and passenger cars also progresses. In March and April our volunteers removed the last of the rusted metal components from side–dump hopper car no. 802. New sheet steel replacement pieces have been transported to Rockhill Furnace for installation on the hopper car, and this work has started. Replacement of the the deteriorated wood deck boards on flat car no. 114 began in April. While we had planned to finish the new decking and other minor repairs to this car and the repairs to hopper car no. 802 by June, completion of some work may be delayed into the summer.

As mentioned in the recent issues of the FEBT Newsletter, other work planned at Rockhill Furnace this year includes final repairs to the brickwork, windows, roof, and coal bin (including paint) for the boiler house; roof repairs and touch–up trim paint for the electrical shop; more window repairs, roof work, and paint for the car shop and machine shop; and additional track work. Halting the erosion behind the sand house caused by Jordan Creek, deferred from 2004, is also on the agenda. Additional repairs are proposed for displaced posts in the Rockhill Furnace lumber shed and for damaged stonework on the Pogue trestle abutments.


At Robertsdale contractor Rex A. Smith recently completed most repairs to the wood first floor of the old post office, damaged last September by flooding caused by hurricane Ivan. Last November Rex removed the insulation from under the floor and replaced the sump pump; that month Spickler's Mechanical and Electrical also replaced damaged ducts under the floor. New insulation must be placed under the floor, but FEBT president Hank Inman reports that this work will probably be handled with the other contracted work planned later this year to complete our rehabilitation of the post office's interior. To date the cost for repairing flood damage is $2,905.91. Although it appears that we fortunately escaped major damage from Ivan, at the end of last year FEBT obtained flood insurance for the post office; we will increase this coverage as our work on the building nears completion.

A preliminary inspection suggests that our Robertsdale buildings suffered no significant damage during the past winter. Rex Smith will take care of any minor repairs to the fiber–cement shingle roof of the post office and our Robertsdale restoration volunteers will handle any repairs required on the metal roof of the station building.

2005 Robertsdale Work Schedule

June 18–19
May 28–29

For more information contact Hank Inman at (804) 353–0817

2005 Rockhill Furnace Work Schedule

May 14–15
June 4–5
June 25–26
July 23–24
August 13–14
September 10–11
November 5–6

For more information contact Lee Rainey at (814) 667–7878 or

Hank Inman reports that in June, he and FEBT member William E. Grant, Jr., intend to submit an outline of the work planned to complete our rehabilitation of the post office to the Pennsylvania Bureau of Historic Preservation for a preliminary review. At that time we will initiate discussions with Wood Township, since the township has assumed responsibility for local enforcement of Pennsylvania's building code. Assuming we run into no major setbacks, contracted work should start later this year. At the May and June work sessions, FEBT volunteers will deal with routine maintenance in both Robertsdale buildings, perform some additional work in the post office and start sorting through and preparing for reinstallation, the wood wainscoting removed from the post office years ago. Later this year, once arrangements with contractors have been confirmed for the electrical work, plaster repairs and plumbing needed in the post office, additional work by our volunteers can be scheduled probably in conjunction with work sessions held at Rockhill Furnace.

Saltillo station documentation

In April, FEBT president Hank Inman informed directors that he planned to obtain within the next several months, the remaining archival copies of the documentation materials provided by historical architect John R. Bowie. At that point he will arrange to transmit the original drawings and large–format photographic negatives and copies of John's field notes and photo captions to the Historic American Engineering Record office for eventual deposit with other EBT–related HAER material in the Library of Congress.

Coles Station water tank documentation

The fate of the EBT station building at Saltillo has reemphasized the need to assemble authoritative documentation for the water tank at Coles Station, the last surviviiio example of the EBT's enclosed water stations. One benefit from the FEBT information table organized by FEBT members James A. Vliet, Leighton B. Carlson, and Jon E. Radder at the Amherst Railway Society's West Springfield, Massachusetts, January train show only became apparent at the conclusion of the show. As a show participant, FEBT was invited to subritit an application for a 2005 preservation and restoration grant, to be awarded by the Amherst Railway Society from income derived from the train show. With the authorization of the executive committee, FEBT president Hank Inman prepared and submitled an application requesting $2,500 to support assembling documentation that meets Historic American Engineering Record standards for the Coles Station water tank.

With the concurrence of the board of directors, in April Hank prepared and submitted a second grant application to the Society for Industrial Archeology, requesting $3,000 for this documentation project. Based on a proposal prepared by John R. Bowie for the architectural services required, the total projected cost for the Coles Station documentation is $11,500. Thus if FEBT receives all the grant funding requested, nearly half the cost of the project will be covered. At their April meeting, FEBT directors approved a contingent allocation of $6000 for this documentation effort in our 2005 restoration budget. Decisions on both grant applications are expected in June, so work on this project could begin during the second half of this year. If FEBT does not receive the funding requested for this project, our directors have agreed to decide whether to approve starting work on the Coles Station documentation, using additional funds from the FEBT restoration fund, or to delay further consideration until sometime in the future.

EBT passenger cars

In April FEBT directors agreed that present circumstances did not support major work on any project related to the restoration of EBT passenger cars nos. 16, 18 and 29. We have not yet been successful in resolving issues related to our lease of former EBT combine no. 16 with the New Jersey Museum of Transportation. For this reason our directors have agreed to continue the suspension of work on the reproduction trucks for this car. The engineering work completed by the Strasburg Rail Road in 2004 should allow work on the reproduction trucks to advance rapidly when we decide it makes sense to proceed. Work on EBT combine no. 18 and baggage–mail car no. 29 awaits the completion of work inside the EBT paint shop building. In April FEBT president Hank Inman suggested that our volunteers examine the seats and other loose parts from these two passenger cars to confirm what we actually have and what work might eventually be required on these components when restoration of the cars can actually begin.

About the Timber Transfer

At the beginning of March, our mailer delivered two issues of The Timber Transfer (volume 20, issue number 4, and volume 21, issue number 1) to the post office. By now all FEBT members should have received these issues of our magazine. Members who experience problems with missing or damaged issues of the Timber Transfer should contact Peter A. Clarke at the FEBT membership office by telephone at (301) 482–1136, by e mail at, or by writing to the return address on the last page of this newsletter.

Directors approve 2005 restoration budget

FEBT directors approved the final 2005 restoration budget at their April meeting. Regarding our planned restoration work at Rockhill Furnace, FEBT vice president R. Lee Rainey indicated that the cost of stabilizing the bed of Jordan Creek is now expected to he considerably less than previously anticipated, offsetting an increase in FEBT's share of the cost of steel required for EBT hopper car no. 802. Thus the board of directors confirmed the preliminary allocation of $13,000 for 2005 restoration work in Rockhill Furnace.

Given the delays caused by hurricane Ivan, FEBT president Hank Inman observed that it would be unnecessary to allocate the entire amount estimated for completion of our rehabilitation of the old Robertsdale post office in the 2005 restoration budget. Directors agreed to this proposal, allocating $40,000 to this project. No specific allocation was made for work on the Robertsdale station building.

Since the only remaining costs for the Saltillo station documentation project are those required to obtain archival copies for FEBT use and to transmit the original materials to the Historic American Engineering Record, directors included $150 for this purpose in the 2005 restoration budget. Based on anticipated grant funding, directors incorporated a contingent allocation of $6,000 for the Coles Station documentation project in this year's restoration budget.

Thus the 2005 budget for the FEBT restoration program totals $59,150, (Allocated funds are not always spent. In recent years, expenditures at Robertsdale and Rockhill Furnace have been less than the amounts budgeted.) Additional funds from the FEBT restoration fund will also be used for retirement of debt: $2,317.44 for 2005 loan payments for the first phase of work on the old Robertsdale post office and "repayment" of $2,500 borrowed in 2002 from the FEBT life member account to cover the cost of transporting passenger cars nos. 18 and 29 back to the EBT. Thus almost $64,000 will he needed to pay for all approved expenditures from the FEBT restoration fund this year.

Is this possible? As in past years, the 2005 budget is based not only on the restoration funds now on hand, but also on the donations we anticipate we will receive in the current year of our fund–raising campaign. We need your help to succeed! To support our progress, please mail your donation to our restoration fund to the following address:

FEBT Restoration Fund Treasurer
513 Shady Avenue, No. 12
Pittsburgh PA 15206–4447

Remember that any donor who sends us a contribution of $50 or more before August 31, 2005, receives one of our reproductions of John H. Coker's Leaving Robertsdale, Pennsylvania.

Dave Hoffman to sell HO Company Store kits

Efforts to resume mail–order sales of EBT–related merchandise through the FEBT Company Store have not yet proved successful, but there is progress according to FEBT president Hank Inman. With the assistance of director Craig A. Williams, FEBT has arranged for FEBT member David M. Hoffman to handle sales of all HO–scale EBT kits formerly available from the FEBT Company Store. The remaining stock of these kits, which has already been transferred into Dave's hands, includes the following HO–scale items: EBT combine no. 15 kit, EBT 800–series hopper car kit, EBT 701–series stock car kit, EBT tank car kit, EBT box car no. 154 kit, EBT steel flat car no. 73 kit, EBT Billmeyer & Small hopper car kit, EBT steel box car kit, EBT no. 103 steel flat car kit, EBT Sideling Hill tunnel portal kit, Ye Olde Huff 'n Puff EBT wood gondola kit, and molded hopper car coal loads. Except for the wood gondola, all kits are manufactured of molded resin with metal, wire, and plastic details.

Dave Hoffman, a longtime FEBT member, produces and sells his own line of HO–scale kits and detail parts for eastern US narrow–gauge railroads, including the EBT. Dave intends to rework some of the FEBT Company Store kits; he may sell others in their present form. For information about the former FEBT Company Store kits, send a stamped, self–addressed envelope to Dave at the following address:

David M. Hoffman
8682 US Highway 61 North
Woodville MS 39669–3502

Dave can also be contacted by telephone at (601) 888–6935 or (601) 888–3016.

FEBT retains some HO–scale modeling materials, including EBT Vulcan trucks, EBT decal lettering, and EBT–pattern concrete block and brick papers. Similar S–scale and O–scale items also remain in the stored FEBT Company Store inventory. (All O–scale kits were sold at the 2004 FEBT Fall Reunion.) These items—with EBT books and DVDS, EBT plans and drawings, and back issues of the Timber Transfer—will again become available when satisfactory arrangements are concluded for the resumption of mail–order Company Store sales. Most books and some other merchandise, but no modeling items, will he moved to the FEBT Museum in Robertsdale, where they can be purchased when the Museum is open.

Although only one person contacted FEBT president Hank Inman after the most recent notice about the FEBT Company Store appeared in the December 2004 newsletter, Hank and the FEBT board of directors are currently considering proposals for operating the Company Store submitted by three FEBT members. The point of these discussions, Hank observes, is to ensure that Company Store operations, when they resume, are governed by realistic and clearly understood goals, consistent with FEBT's purpose and the expectations of FEBT members. Hank notes that FEBT members will be informed "as soon as we have something positive to report." FEBT Company Store merchandise is currently in safe storage at the home of one of our members. On April 30, it was inventoried and reorganized with the help of FEBT members Douglas R. Linebaugh, Dennis R. Straub, Craig A. Williams and Wade N. Woodcock.

2005 Schedule for FEBT Museum

In 2005 the FEBT Museum at Robertsdale will be open to visitors from 10 am to 5 pm Saturdays and 1 to 5 pm Sundays, starting on June 4 and continuing through September 4 (the Sunday of the Labor Day holiday weekend). The museum will also be open on October 8–9, the weekend of the 2005 FEBT Fall Reunion and EBT Fall Celebration, when a special schedule will be in effect. Directions to the museum can be found in the announcement for our Summer Celebration museum open house mailed with this newsletter or by consulting the museum page on the FEBT web site

In order to build on the success our museum operations have enjoyed the past several years, we need to find additional FEBT members interested in serving as museum volunteers. No previous experience nor special knowledge is required.

For more information about the FEBT Museum and how to become a member of the museum volunteer group, please contact Vagel C. Keller, FEBT assistant vice president (museum operations), by telephone at (412) 441–7881 or by e–mail at

2005 East Broad Top operations

The East Broad Top Railroad reports that its 2005 operating schedule and ticket prices will he the same as last year. Regular fares for adults are $10.00, while fares for children ages 1–12 are $7.00. A $1.00 surcharge applies for the limited seats available in the caboose and business car Orbisonia. According to Stanley G. Hall, general manager of the East Broad Top Railroad, the schedule for the 2005 season will follow the same pattern as in recent years. EBT trains will run Saturdays and Sundays only, starting on June 4 and continuing through October 30. The train schedule each day will also be the same, with trains leaving Orbisonia Station at 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm.

The repairs to EBT locomotive no. 15 are resuming this month, after the winter hiatus. While completing the work on the boiler should be straightforward, the extent of repairs required on the locomotive's running gear will only be known once this work begins. For this reason Stanley Hall cannot make any specific prediction for when no. 15 can resume operation, although he expressed the hope that no. 15 can return to active service for the railroad's 2005 Fall Celebration. Thus sister 2–8–2 no. 14 will again be the EBT's only operating steam locomotive during the first part of the 2005 season.

For more information about 2005 train tickets, schedules, and group rates, please contact the railroad directly at the following address:

East Broad Top Railroad
P.O. Box 158
Rockhill Furnace PA 17249
Telephone: (814) 447–3011
Fax: (814) 447–3256

Current information about EBT operations can also he found on the EBT's web site

Four directors elected, 2005 officers chosen

On April 2 the official tabulation of votes compiled by election judge Lee R. Wilson was presented to the FEBT board of directors during its first meeting of 2005. Elected to two year terms as directors were (votes received in parentheses) Witham Adams (98), Henry F. Inman (95), Dennis R. Straub (95), and Robert R. Farquharson (94). The following individuals, received one write in vote each: W. George Cook, Stanley G. Hall, Philip J. Padgett, and Michael J. Swinnerton. Lee Wilson based his tabulation on the 100 ballots he received as of the March 30 deadline for the 2005 election of directors.

The four reelected directors will serve until their successors are elected in early 2007; they join continuing directors William R. Blomgren, Thomas A. Diehl, Jr., R. Lee Rainey, Craig A. Williams, and Larry H. Williams, whose current terms will end with the 2006 election.

The board of directors wishes to thank FEBT members Thomas A. Diehl (chairman), David C. Brightbill, and William E. Grant, Jr., for serving as the nominating committee for this election, and Lee R. Wilson for again acting as election judge.

Current FEBT directors

As a matter of record, contact information is published here for all FEBT directors; residential (evening) telephone numbers are listed.

William L. Adams 109 Onondaga Drive, Forest Heights MD 20745 (301) 567–8309
William R. Blomgren 13816 Queenswater Lane, Charlotte NC 28273 (704) 587–1895
Thomas A. Diehl, Jr. RR 7 Box 7678, Stroudsburg PA 18360 (570) 421–7431
Robert R. Farquharson 6707 Wakehurst Road, Charlotte NC 28226 (704) 759–1251
Henry F. Inman 2016 A Park Avenue, Richmond VA 23220 (804) 353–0817  
R. Lee Rainey 784 Tanager Drive, State College PA 16803 (814) 867–7878
Craig A. Williams 20 Sunset Lane, Lititz PA 17543 (717) 626–9186
Larry H. Williams 910 Church Street, Saxon PA 16678 (814) 635–3654  

Up–to–date contact information for FEBT officers and directors is also posted on the FEBT web site

Election of officers, 2005 meeting schedule

During its April meeting the board elected corporate officers for the coming year; these officers are Henry F. Inman, president; R. Lee Rainey, vice president; Robert R. Farquharson, secretary; and William T. Wheeler, treasurer. (Our bylaws do not require the treasurer to be a member of the board, and Bill has served as our treasurer since FEBT was founded.)

The board also scheduled its remaining meetings for the year. Meetings will be held on June 4, September 10 and November 5. FEBT members interested in attending a meeting of the board should contact FEBT secretary Bob Farquharson in advance to confirm the time and place of the meeting.

2005 FEBT operations

At the April meeting of the board, directors agreed that the operating budget for 2005 should generally follow that of previous years. During this discussion, FEBT president Hank Inman presented a preliminary summary for FEBT's 2004 income and operating expenses, compared to the previous year. Since this information may he of interest to FEBT members, we include some of the more significant elements from Hank's summary here. (Since our accountant has not yet reviewed them, the specific figures mentioned here may require correction.)

FEBT's total 2004 income was $95,436.22, down 17% from 2003. Last year income from membership payments was $28,377.50, about the same as in 2003. Income from donations in 2004 was $48,372.72, approximately 25% less than donations received in 2003. Income from FEBT events was $6,222.50 in 2004, down 14% from 2003. Income derived from FEBT Company Store and FEET Museum sales totaled $12,073.62, a 19% reduction from 2003. FEBT also received $389.88 from interest and dividends in 2004, up 202% from 2003. Hank observed that two unusual 2003 donations accounted for most of the decrease in donations FEBT received in 2004. FEBT realized approximately $5,000 from the sale of the Meeneghan collection at the 2003 Fall Reunion auction (auction proceeds are treated as donations to the FEBT restoration fund), and in 2003 FEBT received 200 shares of SBC Communications stock, worth slightly more than $5,000 at the time of donation. Disregarding the effect of these unusual donations, donations to FEBT in 2004 were down 10% from 2003, which Hank indicated could probably be attributed to the almost two–month delay in our mailing the announcements for start of the fourth year of our fund–raising campaign.

Ignoring depreciation and expenditures for capitalized and current assets, in 2004 FEBT's total operating expenses were $68,344.75, a decrease of 6% compared to 2003. Expenditures related to our museum and collections, $7,509.19, and our restoration program, $18,975.01 increased from 2003 by 19% and 31% respectively. All other 2004 operating expenditures declined from the previous year: $2,348.84 for our education program (decrease of 16%), $9,855.92 for publications (down 35%), $4,945.23 for FEBT events (decrease of 19%), $13,071.34 for fund raising (down 3%), $2,579.67 for Company Store operating expenses (41% decrease), and $9,059.55 for general business expenses (down 6%). (The cost of merchandise sold is not included in the Company Store expenses reported here.) Hank noted that our 2004 publication expenses reflected the fact that we published only three issues of the Timber Transfer last year, while expenses related to the FEBT Company Store were affected by the suspension of operations last May caused by the death of Richard B. Keller.

Directors approved a specific 2005 budget for the restoration program, which is described elsewhere in this newsletter. Regarding other 2005 anticipated expenditures, Hank noted that this year's publication expenses should be higher than last year, as we shall produce more issues of the Timber Transfer as we continue working to make up for past delays. Hank also noted that the cost of insurance (included in general business expenses) will almost certainly rise, since we will add coverage for the leased space in the East Broad Top Railroad's paint shop to our present policy.

FEBT education program at upcoming train shows, EBT in August

Since the last FEBT Newsletter, FEBT member James A. Vliet has continued his education efforts on behalf of FEBT and the EBT at the Spring Thaw Trainmeet in Allentown@ Pennsylvania on February 26–27 and the Greenberg's Train Show in Edison, New Jersey on March 5–6. Jim reminds us that he plans to setup an information table at the Great Scale Model Train Show in Timonium, Maryland on June 25–26. FEBT members interested in helping Jim at this show can contact him at (516) 771–1038 (home) or by e–mail at

With assistance from FEBT member Robert J. Beebe and other show organizers, FEBT and EBT information will be available at the 2005 Narrow Gauge Module Meet in Kimberton, Pennsylvania on May 20–22. We are still looking for FEBT members willing to help distribute FEBT and EBT information at the National Model Railroad Association's 2005 national convention in Cincinnati, Ohio on July, 3–9; and the 2005 National Narrow Gauge Convention in Dearborn, Michigan on August 31–September 3. FEBT members willing to help us in Dearborn should contact FEBT vice president Lee Rainey at, or by telephone at (814) 867–7878 (home). FEBT members who can assist us in Cincinnati should call FEBT president Hank Inman at (804) 353–0817.

As part of our education activities, FEBT will again set up our information tent and conduct tours during the East Broad Top Railroad's 2005 Homecoming–Community Appreciation Day on August 13. FEBT members interested in leading tours or assisting us at our information tent should contact either FEBT member Dennis R. Straub at, or (717) 249–4239, or FEBT president Hank Inman.

We are always happy to provide literature and information about the EBT and FEBT to FEBT members for distribution at train shows, conventions and other events. Interested FEBT members should call Hank at the telephone number given above; please provide as much advance notice as possible. EBT herald

This newsletter is a publication of Friends of the East Broad Top, Inc., a nonprofit educational and historical society dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the East Broad Top Railroad, a US National Historic Landmark located in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. As of the date of this newsletter, FEBT regular membership costs $30.00 per twelve months; other memberships are available. For more information please consult the FEBT web site at Friends of the East Broad Top, Inc., holds events and work sessions on the property of the East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Company by arrangement with the East Broad Top Railroad. However, the East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Company retains its right to restrict or deny access of any person to its property at any time and for any reason

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