Friends of the East Broad Top
A nonprofit society dedicated to the preservation and restoration
of the East Broad Top Railroad National Historic Landmark

50th Anniversary of end of common carrier operations
2006 FEBT Summer Celebration is June 3 and 4

This year marks the passage of 50 years since common-carrier operations ended on the East Broad Top Railroad. In recognition of this occasion, Friends of the East Broad Top’s celebration on Saturday and Sunday, June 3-4, of the start of 2006 operations at the EBT and our museum in Robertsdale will focus on the railroad’s employees and operations of the 1950s. We plan to invite the five surviving EBT train operating employees from this era-Charles R. Price (seniority date June 4, 1941), John R. Gilliland (May 21, 1947), Merle Steninger (August 31, 1948), Lee R. Wilson (November 27, 1951), and Ted M. Keith (March 4, 1952)-to join us in Rockhill Furnace on Saturday afternoon. This will provide FEBT members an opportunity to interact directly with these representatives of EBT history. FEBT member Deane E. Mellander, who has discussed the EBT train operations of this period in his book East Broad Top: Slim Gauge Survivor (1995) and in The Timber Transfer, will be on hand for a Saturday evening reception at the FEBT Museum. Deane has agreed to autograph copies of Slim Gauge Survivor, which our museum will have for sale.

These are just some of the activities we have planned on Saturday and Sunday, June 3-4. As in past years, FEBT volunteers will offer guided tours inside the railroad’s Rockhill Furnace machine shop. We will also offer guided walking tours around the Rockhill Furnace yard. All tours will be open to the general public as well as to FEBT members. One of our art reproductions of Ted Rose’s On the Hill will be on display at our Rockhill Furnace information booth, where visitors may obtain information about FEBT programs and activities. In Robertsdale we plan to open the FEBT Museum special hours both days, in addition to the reception on Saturday evening. Of course, other activities may be added to the 2006 FEBT Summer Celebration schedule as we get closer to June 3.

On each day the EBT will operate its usual three-train schedule, and normal ticket prices apply. Tickets for the guided tours inside the machine shop are $7.00 per person. However, by registering at the FEBT information booth, FEBT members can obtain a train ticket, participate in as many Saturday and Sunday shop tours as they wish, interact with former EBT employees on Saturday afternoon, and attend the Saturday evening reception at the FEBT Museum for the special event fee of $15.00 per person. This registration fee is less than the combined cost of a train ticket and one shop tour ticket if purchased from the EBT. Note spouses and dependent children of FEBT family, sustaining, associate, and life member may also participate at the FEBT-member rate. Non-FEBT members may register for all Summer Celebration activities for $20.00 per person. There is no advance registration for the 2006 FEBT Summer Celebration; please register at the FEBT information booth (near the Rockhill Furnace roundhouse) on Saturday morning.

How you can help us

Can you help us as a volunteer during the 2006 Summer Celebration? FEBT members interested in helping us at this event should contact FEBT director Dennis R. Straub, who is supervising on-site logistics, at or (717) 249–4239. Please contact Dennis as soon as possible, so we can determine our final arrangements for the FEBT tours and other Summer Celebration activities.

FEBT members can also help us stimulate public interest in our 2006 Summer Celebration. An announcement aimed at the general public for both the FEBT tours at the EBT and our museum’s open house is included as an insert to this newsletter. We encourage all FEBT members to reproduce and distribute copies of this announcement to railfans and others who may be interested in what we have planned for June 3–4.

2006 Schedule for FEBT Museum Volunteer orientation on May 21

In 2006 the FEBT Museum at Robertsdale will be open to visitors from 10 am to 5 pm Saturdays and 1 to 5 pm Sundays, starting on June 3 and continuing through September 3 (the Sunday of the Labor Day holiday weekend). The museum will also be open on October 7–8, the weekend of the 2006 FEBT Fall Reunion and EBT Fall Celebration, when a special schedule will be in effect. Directions to the museum can be found in the announcement for our Summer Celebration museum open house mailed with this newsletter or by consulting the FEBT web site (Due to problems at Kalmbach Publishing Company, the schedules for the FEBT Museum in Tourist Trains 2006 and the 2006 Guide to Recreational Railroading in the May issue of Trains are not accurate. The museum schedule stated here is correct.)

In order to build on the success our museum operations have enjoyed the past several years, we are looking for additional FEBT members interested in serving as museum volunteers. No previous experience nor special knowledge is required. On Sunday, May 21, Vagel C. Keller, FEBT assistant vice president (museum operations), will conduct an orientation and organizing session for museum volunteers at Robertsdale. For more information about the FEBT Museum, how to become a member of our museum volunteer group, or the May 21 meeting, please contact Vagel by telephone at (412) 441–7881 or by e–mail at

2006 FEBT fall reunion is October 6–8

We take this opportunity to remind FEBT members that our 2006 fall reunion will be held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, October 6–8. FEBT membership coordinator Peter A. Clarke and his wife Jane J. Clarke will again handle local arrangements and coordinate this year’s reunion. An announcement of planned activities and registration information will be mailed to all FEBT members in August.

FEBT volunteers, contractors advance restoration

FEBT vice president Lee Rainey reports that FEBT restoration volunteers continued their work on East Broad Top Railroad combination baggage–passenger car no. 14 during our March and April work sessions at Rockhill Furnace. We are now carefully assessing the car’s exposed framework to determine how to proceed with the necessary structural repairs. Work on the rehabilitation of two–bay steel hopper car no. 802 has resumed, and the final carpentry work on the reconstructed coal storage shed next to the boiler house has been completed. Our volunteers also handled roof repairs on the main shop buildings. Further work inside our car restoration shop (in the EBT paint shop building) has included additional electrical wiring to accommodate the machine tools we acquired last year and installation of an air compressor.

2006 Rockhill Furnace Work Schedule

June 3–4
June 24–25
July 15–16
August 19–20
September 9–10
November 4–5

For more information contact Lee Rainey at (814) 667–7878 or

2006 Robertsdale Work Schedule

August 5–6
September 23–24
May 20–21
June 10–11
July 8–9

For more information contact Hank Inman at (804) 353–0817

During our May work sessions at Rockhill Furnace, Lee notes that FEBT volunteers will focus on painting and track work. Repairs to track at the south end of the yard and on the lead tracks to the turntable and car shop are planned. Our paint crews will continue their work on the west walls of the main shop building and paint the exterior of the reconstructed coal shed. Window sashes and trim in the paint shop and other shop buildings will also receive attention. Later this month we plan to install a concrete pad along the track leading to the paint shop building; this will provide an improved location for our volunteers to perform outdoor car repairs.

The complexity of the proposed remediation work planned for Jordan Creek, on the west side of the Rockhill Furnace yard site, has led to the decision to delay this work. In March our directors agreed to Lee’s suggestion that the funds incorporated in our 2006 restoration program budget for this task be reallocated to the purchase of additional scaffolding and other equipment needed by our Rockhill Furnace volunteers.

The schedule of 2006 work sessions at Rockhill Furnace has been revised to reflect the change in the date of the EBT’s August fan appreciation day.


On April 7 architect John R. Bowie and FEBT president Hank Inman met at Robertsdale to continue drawing up the plans and specifications needed to complete our rehabilitation of the old post office. They confirmed detailed measurements of doors and doorways; inspected the concrete–block addition on the rear of the building, which will be converted to a public restroom; and examined interior walls, wainscoting, and trim. John is now at work on the construction drawings needed for the review by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Historic Preservation and to obtain the building permit from Wood Township. Although this preliminary work is taking longer than he had hoped, Hank reports that he expects contracted work to start later this year, once the required reviews have been completed.

The schedule for 2006 work sessions at Robertsdale encompasses routine maintenance and repairs needed in both Robertsdale buildings, including our annual repairs to the metal roof of the former station building and repairs to the windows and trim of both buildings. The aim of additional work is preparing for the final phase of the post office rehabilitation, like repairing and priming salvaged wood wainscoting, final work on the upper wood floor, and relocating material now stored in the concrete–block addition.

Coles Station water tank

In March FEBT president Hank Inman submitted an application to the Amherst Railway Society for 2006 grant funding for our documentation of the EBT Coles Station water tank. Last year ARS awarded us $1,000.00 for this project, and we hope to obtain additional financial support this year. If our application is successful, the 2006 grant will permit us to reallocate other funds now committed to our documentation of the water tank to other restoration projects. (Currently grants from ARS and the Society for Industrial Archeology provide $4,000.00 of the $11,500.00 FEBT has committed to this project.)

On April 19 historical architect John R. Bowie and photographer A. Pierce Bounds spent the day at Coles Station to obtain large–format photographs and additional measurements of the EBT enclosed water tank. John indicates he will begin preliminary layout work on his drawings for this building after his work on the Robertsdale post office. Completion of the Coles Station water tank project is expected later this year.

We need your support

As in past years, the success of our restoration program in 2006 depends on the resources our ongoing fund–raising campaign generates for it. To support our progress at Robertsdale, Rockhill Furnace, Coles Station, and elsewhere, please mail your donation to our restoration fund to the following address:

FEBT Restoration Fund Treasurer
513 Shady Avenue, No. 12
Pittsburgh PA 15206–4447

Remember that any donor who sends us a contribution of $50 or more before August 31, 2006, may receive one of our reproductions of Ted Rose’s On the Hill.

Lee Rainey addresses MUAHS banquet

FEBT vice president R. Lee Rainey is the invited speaker at this year’s Mount Union Area Historical Society banquet. Lee’s topic is the East Broad Top Railroad in Mount Union. The banquet will be held in the Mount Union VFW hall on Saturday, June 3, starting at 6 pm. For tickets and other information, interested FEBT members should contact MUAHS president Murray Africa at (814) 542–2534.

East Broad Top prepares for 2006 operations

The East Broad Top Railroad reports that its 2006 operating schedule and ticket prices will be the same as last year. Regular fares for adults are $10.00, while fares for children ages 1–12 are $7.00. A $1.00 surcharge applies for the limited seats available in the caboose and business car Orbisonia. According to Stanley G. Hall, general manager of the East Broad Top Railroad, the schedule for the 2006 season will follow the same pattern as in recent years. EBT trains will run Saturdays and Sundays only, starting on June 3 and continuing through October 29. The train schedule each day will also be the same, with trains leaving Orbisonia Station at 11 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm. EBT 2–8–2 locomotive no. 15, on which repairs were completed last year, will handle most train operations this year.

At the end of April the railroad’s five regular employees resumed their five–day–a–week work schedule. The immediate focus of work is the Rockhill Furnace turntable. Stanley Hall reports that the rails and wood deck of the turntable will be removed. A new deck will be constructed after any necessary repairs are made to the turntable’s bearings and steel supporting structure. Once the EBT has completed the repairs to the turntable, the emphasis will shift to preparing for the start of train operations in June, with work on the railroad’s passenger cars, track, and roadbed.

To avoid conflict with the Huntingdon County fair, Stanley Hall indicates that the date for the 2006 fan appreciation day/homecoming celebration has been moved to Saturday, August 19. The railroad’s 2006 fall spectacular will be held on Saturday and Sunday, October 7–8. The railroad will provide more information about these events later this year.

For more information about 2006 train tickets, schedules, and group rates, please contact the railroad directly at the following address:

East Broad Top Railroad
P.O. Box 158
Rockhill Furnace PA 17249
Telephone: (814) 447–3011
FAX: (814) 447–3256

Current information about EBT operations and special events can also be found on the EBT’s web site or on the Friends of the East Broad Top web site

Help FEBT at the 2006 EBT fan Appreciation/homecoming celebration

As reported elsewhere in this newsletter, the East Broad Top Railroad has rescheduled the 2006 celebration of its rebirth in 1960 to Saturday, August 19. A change in the date of the Huntingdon County fair last year created a conflict with the traditional date for the EBT’s fan appreciation day, during the annual homecoming celebration organized by the towns of Orbisonia and Rockhill Furnace. The railroad has moved its 2006 celebration to the third Saturday of August to prevent a recurrence of this problem again this year.

As in past years, FEBT volunteers will conduct guided tours inside the shops and around the Rockhill Furnace yard and shop complex for the visitors who come to take advantage of the railroad’s one–day special schedule and fares. Other FEBT volunteers will maintain a FEBT information booth, where we provide information about FEBT, our restoration program, and our fund–raising campaign. FEBT members interested in helping us at the 2006 EBT fan appreciation day/homecoming celebration should contact FEBT director Dennis R. Straub at (717) 249–4239 (home) or

Larry H. Williams retires from board

With the conclusion of the 2006 election of directors (reported elsewhere in this newsletter), we note the retirement of Larry H. Williams from the board of directors of Friends of the East Broad Top. Larry was first elected to the board in 2002. He was reelected in 2004, and thus served for four years as one of our directors.

A life member of FEBT, Larry has for many years served as our liaison for FEBT materials deposited in the Saxton, Pennsylvania, Community Library. Larry has also received materials for our fund–raising campaign and delivered them to our Robertsdale museum. He has acted as our representative for contracted work at the FEBT Museum, playing a particularly important role in our recovery from the damage hurricane Ivan inflicted on the old post office building in 2004.

The proprietor of several business enterprises in Saxton, Larry indicates he will continue to assist us with our work at Robertsdale.

FEBT docents at the EBT?

Friends of the East Broad Top is now exploring with the East Broad Top Railroad a proposal for FEBT members to serve as docents at the EBT during some of the railroad’s regular operating weekends. These FEBT docents would offer visitors to the railroad tours inside the shops or around the Rockhill Furnace yard complex, similar to the guided tours our volunteers now provide to the public on special occasions. The goal of these tours is to encourage a better understanding of the railroad’s history and to foster greater public appreciation for the EBT as a historic resource.

Once we work out the necessary details with the EBT, we plan to have FEBT docents at the EBT several weekends this year on an experimental basis. If the experience proves successful, we will refine and expand the program in 2007. FEBT members interested in helping us as 2006 EBT docents should contact FEBT director Dennis R. Straub at (717) 249–4239 (home) or before June 1. As part of their orientation, prospective docents will accompany the FEBT guided shop and Rockhill Furnace yard tours on June 3–4 and August 19. The 2006 schedule for FEBT docents will be determined by the availability of the volunteers who have completed this orientation.

Although intended for public visitors rather than FEBT members, the 2006 schedule of docent weekends will be posted on the FEBT web site, assuming that sufficient FEBT volunteers express interest in serving as EBT docents.

EBT lettering in stock at FEBT Company Store

FEBT Company Store manager Richard M. Ullery reports that he has obtained new supplies of East Broad Top Railroad decal lettering to eliminate problems caused by items which had gone out of stock before Company Store operations resumed last year. EBT modelers can now purchase the following decal lettering without backorders (scales available for each item indicated in parentheses): EBT locomotive gold lettering (O, S, HO), EBT locomotive orange lettering (O, S, HO), EBT steel flat car white lettering (O, S, HO), EBT steel box car white lettering (O, S, HO), EBT caboose white lettering (O, S, HO), EBT steel three–bay hopper car white lettering (O, S, HO, N), EBT passenger car gold lettering (O, S, HO), EBT passenger car orange lettering (O, S, HO), EBT wood box car no. 170 white lettering (O, S, HO), EBT steel two–bay hopper car white lettering (O, S, HO), EBT test weight car no. 30 white lettering (HO only), and EBT road crossing sign black lettering (O, S, HO). A set of multicolor Saltillo signs is available only in HO. Unfortunately, increased production costs require us to raise the prices for restocked EBT decal lettering.

Contract Dick Ullery directly for up–to–date prices for all lettering. All inquires and orders should be communicated directly to this address:

FEBT Company Store
P. O. Box 145
Leetsdale PA 15056
telephone: (412) 259–8020

The FEBT Company Store has approximately 40 of the last remaining copies of The Company Towns of the Rockhill Iron and Coal Company: Robertsdale and Woodvale (1990) for $10.00 each ($8.50 FEBT members) plus $2.50 for postage. Pennsylvania residents must also include 6% state sales tax.

We remind FEBT members that the HOn3 kits of EBT rolling stock previously sold by the FEBT Company Store were transferred to FEBT member David M. Hoffman last year. Dave sells these EBT kits with his own line of HO–scale kits and detail parts for eastern US narrow–gauge railroads, including the EBT. For information about the availability of the former FEBT Company Store kits, send a stamped, self–addressed envelope to Dave at the following address:

David M. Hoffman
8682 US Highway 61 North
Woodville MS 39669–3502

Dave can also be contacted by telephone at (601) 888–6935 or (601) 888–3016.

FEBT purchases new software for production of The Timber Transfer

Did you notice any difference in the appearance of the fall 2005 issue of The Timber Transfer (volume 22 no. 2), which was mailed to FEBT members in February? Editor Kevin C. Strong used a borrowed version of Adobe’s InDesign software to compose and produce this issue of our magazine. Based on this test, FEBT has purchased the Adobe suite of publication software for the production of future issues of The Timber Transfer. The funds used to pay for the $1,272.59 cost of obtaining this new software have been temporarily borrowed from the FEBT life member account, as authorized by FEBT directors last November. The borrowed funds will eventually be returned to the FEBT life member account from 2006, 2007, and 2008 operating income. Kevin reports that the new software is now installed and functioning properly.

We expect the next issue of the Timber Transfer will be published and mailed later this month. FEBT members who experience problems with missing or damaged issues of the Timber Transfer should contact Peter A. Clarke at the FEBT membership office by telephone at (301) 482–1136, by e–mail at, or by writing to the return address below.

Friends of the East Broad Top
c/o Peter A. Clark
10428 Carlyn Ridge Road
Damascus, MD 20872

FEBT transmits Saltillo station documentation to HAER

In May Friends of the East Broad Top formally transmitted the measured drawings, large–format photographs, photo captions, and field notes for the East Broad Top Railroad’s station building at Saltillo, assembled by contractor John Bowie Associates, to the Historic American Engineering Record office of the US National Park Service. This documentation, which has already been assigned the HAER file number PA–634, will be held in the Prints and Photographs Division of the Library of Congress, after it is processed at NPS. During the past year FEBT president Henry F. Inman and historical architect John R. Bowie have consulted with HAER several times to insure that this material is interpreted correctly when it is reviewed by HAER and accessioned at the Library of Congress.

While copies of the Saltillo station documentation will eventually become available through the Library of Congress, FEBT members will not have to wait. The main drawings will be published in an upcoming issue of The Timber Transfer, accompanied by photographs and a discussion of the history of the building. Copies of the measured drawings will also soon be available from the FEBT Company Store.

"New rider" ticket program to continue

At its March meeting, FEBT’s board of directors agreed to resume operation of the "new rider" East Broad Top Railroad ticket program. This initiative, a component of our outreach program, distributes EBT train tickets and information about the railroad to first–time riders. This encourages visitation to the railroad and public support for its preservation and restoration. The costs of the ticket program will continue to be underwritten by donations collected at the FEBT fall reunion dinner. These contributions are used to purchase tickets from the EBT and for printing, postage, and other minor overhead expenses.

Information about the "new rider" initiative is posted on the FEBT web site, There may be a slight delay before "new rider" tickets are again available, as materials are transferred to FEBT director Dennis R. Straub. For more information please consult our web site, or contact Dennis directly at or (717) 349–4239 (home).

Five directors elected, 2006 officers chosen

On March 25 the official tabulation of votes compiled by election judge Lee R. Wilson was presented to the FEBT board of directors during its first meeting of 2006. Elected to two–year terms as directors were (votes received in parentheses) R. Lee Rainey (124), Thomas A. Diehl, Jr. (119), Wade N. Woodcock (116), Stephen W. Jacobs (93), and William R. Blomgren (89). Incumbent director Larry H. Williams received 66 votes, and the following individuals received write–in votes: Stanley G. Hall (2), Lance Myers (2), Michael J. Swinnerton (2), Charles A. Wootton (2), Nancy E. Jacqmin (1), Philip J. Padgett (1), John R. Snyder (1), and Shawn E. Stauffer (1). Lee Wilson based his tabulation on the 129 ballots he received as of the March 23 deadline for the 2006 election of directors.

The five elected directors will serve until their successors are elected in early 2008; they join continuing directors William L. Adams, Robert R. Farquharson, Henry F. Inman, and Dennis R. Straub, whose current terms will end in 2007.

The board of directors wishes to thank FEBT members William L. Adams (chairman), William E. Grant, Jr., and Nancy E. Jacqmin for serving as the nominating committee for this election, and Lee R. Wilson for again acting as election judge.

Current FEBT directors

As a matter of record, contact information is published here for all FEBT directors; residential (evening) telephone numbers are listed.

William L. Adams 109 Onondaga Drive, Forest Heights MD 20745 (301) 567–8309
William R. Blomgren 13816 Queenswater Lane, Charlotte NC 28273 (704) 587–1895
Thomas A. Diehl, Jr. RR 7 Box 7678, Stroudsburg PA 18360 (570) 421–7431
Robert R. Farquharson 6707 Wakehurst Road, Charlotte NC 28226 (704) 759–1251
Henry F. Inman 2016 A Park Avenue, Richmond VA 23220 (804) 353–0817  
Stephen W. Jacobs 33 Pennwick Drive, Lititz PA 17543 (717) 627–4121  
R. Lee Rainey 784 Tanager Drive, State College PA 16803 (814) 867–7878
Dennis R. Straub 722 Alexander Spring Road, Carlisle PA 17013 (717) 249–4239
Wade N. Woodcock 19 West Vandevender Street, Mount Union PA 17066 (717) 566–6321

Up–to–date contact information for FEBT officers and directors is also posted on the FEBT web site

Election of officers, 2006 meeting schedule

During its March meeting the board elected corporate officers for the coming year; these officers are Henry F. Inman, president; R. Lee Rainey, vice president; Robert R. Farquharson, secretary; and William T. Wheeler, treasurer. (Our bylaws do not require the treasurer to be a member of the board, and Bill has served as our treasurer since FEBT was founded.)

The board also scheduled its remaining meetings for the year. Meetings will be held on June 10, September 9, and November 4. FEBT members interested in attending a meeting of the board should contact FEBT secretary Bob Farquharson in advance to confirm the time and place of the meeting.

2006 FEBT operations

At the March meeting of the board, directors agreed that the operating expenditures in 2006 should generally follow the template established in previous years. During this discussion, FEBT president Hank Inman presented a preliminary summary for FEBT’s 2005 income and operating expenses, compared to the previous year. Since this information may be of interest to FEBT members, we include some of the more significant elements from Hank’s summary here. (Since our accountant has not yet reviewed them, the specific figures mentioned here may require correction.)

FEBT’s total 2005 income was $114,637.01, up 20% from 2004. Last year income from membership payments was $33,560.00 (including life membership payments of $3,500.00), about 18% greater than in 2004. Income from donations in 2005 was $58,068.84, approximately 19% more than donations received in 2004. In 2005 FEBT received $4,000.00 in grants, compared to none in 2004. Income from FEBT events was $6,858.50 in 2005, up 10% from 2004. Income derived from FEBT Company Store and FEBT Museum sales totaled $11,737.12 (including $5,5438.00 accounts receivable), a slight reduction from 2004. FEBT also received $412.55 from interest and dividends in 2005, up 6% from 2004. Hank indicated that this preliminary summary of 2005 income would be amended to incorporate omissions and corrections discovered during our accounting review.

Ignoring depreciation and expenditures for capitalized and current assets, in 2005 FEBT’s total operating expenses were $70,446.06, nearly the same as in 2004. Expenditures related to our museum and collections, $7,538.66, increased from 2004 by less than 1%. Expenses of our restoration program, $12,989.96, decreased from 2004 by 37%, but this reflects the cost of hurricane damage to the Robertsdale post office incurred in 2004. The 2005 expenses of our education program, $2,175.64, declined 7% from the previous year. The 2005 cost of FEBT publications, $15,279.43, increased 55%, due to the greater number of issues of the Timber Transfer published in 2005. Other operating expenses also increased in 2005: $5,980.65 for FEBT events (increase of 21%), $13,571.24 for fund raising (up 2%), $2,772.19 for Company Store operating expenses (7% increase), and $10,138.29 for general business expenses (up 9%). (The cost of merchandise sold is not included in the Company Store expenses reported here.) Hank noted that the cost of insurance was the most significant component of our 2005 general business expenses. Our 2005 insurance payments ($4,225.00) incorporated additional coverage for our car restoration facility in the EBT’s Rockhill Furnace paint shop and a slight increase in the value of the Robertsdale post office covered by our flood insurance policy.

Regarding anticipated expenditures in 2006, Hank noted that this year’s publication expenses should be less than last year, as we return production of The Timber Transfer to its regular quarterly schedule. Obviously the 2006 US Postal Service rate increase will affect costs incurred for our publications, fund–raising, and FEBT Company Store operations. Hank also suggested that our insurance costs will continue to rise, as we add the value of 2005 and 2006 improvements to our buildings at Robertsdale and Rockhill Furnace to our current policies.

FEBT display at 2006 NMRA Philadelphia convention and show

FEBT will stage a major display at the National Model Railroader Association’s 2006 national convention in Philadelphia on July 2–9. FEBT director Robert R. Farquharson will organize our display, which will incorporate his antique truck (restored to resemble one of the East Broad Top Railroad’s delivery trucks, artifacts from our collections, and other materials showing the progress of our restoration program. FEBT members who live in the Philadelphia area or who plan to attend this convention who can help us set up our display and supervise it during the convention and associated public train show may contact Bob Farquahrson by telephone at (704) 759–1251 (home) or by e–mail at Some of the FEBT members who volunteer to help Bob may receive free convention registrations. Although not directly related to our exhibit, FEBT assistant vice president Vagel C. Keller is leading the NMRA convention’s visit to the EBT.

FEBT member James A. Vliet has reserved space for his FEBT display at the Mid–Atlantic Narrow Gauge Guild Module Meet in Kimberton, Pennsylvania, on May 19–21. FEBT members interested in the possibility of helping Jim at this show can contact him by telephone at (516) 771–1038 (home) or by e–mail at

Several FEBT members have distributed FEBT and EBT information at train shows in March and April. On March 4 Barbara and John P.H. Morgan set up a display at the National Model Railroad Association International Division Meet in Hamilton, Ontario. FEBT members Richard Golding and Jon E. Radder distributed FEBT and EBT literature at the East Coast Large–Scale Train Show in York, Pennsylvania, on April 1–2. On April 22 John and Barb Morgan set up their FEBT display again, this time at the First Annual Ontario Narrow Gauge Show in Schomberg, Ontario.

We are happy to provide FEBT and EBT information for distribution at conventions, train shows, and other events. FEBT members interested in helping us obtain publicity for FEBT and the EBT should contact FEBT director Dennis R. Straub at (717) 249–4239 (home) or, giving us as much advance notice as possible. EBT herald

This newsletter is a publication of Friends of the East Broad Top, Inc., a nonprofit educational and historical society dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the East Broad Top Railroad, a US National Historic Landmark located in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. As of the date of this newsletter, FEBT regular membership costs $30.00 per twelve months; other memberships are available. For more information please consult the FEBT web site at Friends of the East Broad Top, Inc., holds events and work sessions on the property of the East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Company by arrangement with the East Broad Top Railroad. However, the East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Company retains its right to restrict or deny access of any person to its property at any time and for any reason

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