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Directors approve 2007 restoration budget

At the November meeting of our board, FEBT directors reviewed 2007 plans for our restoration program and approved a restoration budget for the coming year. Next year we expect to start serious restoration of East Broad Top Railroad combination passenger–baggage car no. 16, make substantial progress in completing our rehabilitation of the old Robertsdale post office, finish our documentation of the Coles Station water tank, and resume work on our reproduction trucks project.

At Rockhill Furnace, restoration coordinator R. Lee Rainey indicates that our volunteers will press ahead on the continuing repairs to the windows and doors of the main shop complex and complete our repairs to side–dump steel hopper car no. 802. Beginning this winter our Rockhill Furnace volunteers will start restoration of EBT combine no. 14, basing work on plans developed by Lee and Strasburg Rail Road chief mechanical officer Linn Moedinger. The conversion of EBT steel box car no. 168 to passenger service is also planned. The EBT will purchase the materials for work on these two cars. For our all other restoration work at Rockhill Furnace in 2007, including additional improvements to our car restoration facility in the paint shop building, our directors budgeted $10000.

FEBT president Henry F. Inman reports that historic architect John R. Bowie plans to make one additional visit to Coles Station to gather information needed for the two sheets of drawings devoted to construction details of the water tank. The three other sheets of drawings, showing plans and elevations of the water tank and its site, are completed or nearly so. The 2007 budget for this project carries forward our obligation of $11,050 to John Bowie for his work, plus a further allocation of $250 for copies and administrative expenses.

Hank Inman also reports that FEBT has received the revised drawings and specifications for the final phase of our rehabilitation of the old post office building in Robertsdale from architect John Bowie. The Pennsylvania Bureau for Historic Preservation is now reviewing these drawings, and Hank indicates that he expects FEBT to obtain the necessary building permit from Wood Township and start contracted work in January, based on preliminary discussions with our general and electrical contractors. At the November meeting of the board our directors authorized a 2007 budget of $40,000 for the old post office, plus carrying forward approximately $3,500 in current obligations committed for this project. At Hank's request the board allocated $1,000 for door repairs and continuing maintenance for the Robertsdale depot.

2007 Rockhill Furnace Work Schedule

June 23–24
July 21–22
August 18–19
September 15–16
November 3–4
January 6–7
February 3–4
March 3–4
March 31–April 1
May 5–6
June 2–3

For more information contact Lee Rainey at (814) 867–7878 (home), (814) 404–3968 (cell) or

2007 Rockhill Furnace Work Schedule

Work sessions this winter will be held on an ad–hoc basis, as contracted work on the old post office begins. Scheduled work sessions will be announced in the next newsletter. For more information contact Hank Inman at (804) 353–0817

FEBT has finally reestablished direct communications with the current trustees of the New Jersey Museum of Transportation, Hank reported to directors in November. While we discuss the future of former EBT combination baggage–passenger car no. 16 with NJMT, our directors agreed that we should prepare to resume active work on our combine no. 16 restoration truck project, since our obligations to the Tweetsic Railroad, from whom we leased original wood–beam trucks from EBT coach no. 5 as patterns for our reproduction trucks, compel us to move forward on this project. Our board agreed that we would discuss additional contracted work on the trucks with the Strasburg Rail Road, with the goal of moving all original and reproduction truck components to Rockhill Furnace, where our volunteers can assemble them (with additional guidance as required from the Strasburg Rail Road). FEBT directors allocated a 2007 budget of $15,000 for this work. The extent of contracted work will obviously depend on resolving the status of combine no. 16.

Our 2007 restoration budget also includes approximately $4,800 for debt repayment: $2,500 to return funds borrowed in 2002 from the FEBT Life Member Account to "bring home" EBT passenger cars nos. 18 and 29, as well as $2,317.44 for payments due in 2007 for the loan we received for the first phase of work on the old Robertsdale post office.

As in recent years, the funds allocated to our 2007 restoration program assume that FEBT continues to receive the financial support FEBT members have provided in previous years. We remind FEBT members that the success our restoration program has enjoyed during the past four years is due primarily to the contributions we have received from our fund–raising campaign, and that continued progress depends on the ongoing financial support you provide. Please send all restoration donations to us at the following address:

Friends of the East Broad Top
Restoration Fund Treasurer
513 Shady Avenue, No. 12
Pittsburgh PA 15206–4447

Committee seeks potential nominees for director

The nominating committee for the 2007 election asks FEBT members to submit the names of potential candidates for nomination and election as directors of Friends of the East Broad Top, Inc. In the upcoming election, to be held during the first quarter of next year, FEBT members will elect four of the nine members of the board of directors. The seats up for election are now occupied by William L. Adams, Robert R. Farquharson, Henry F. Inman, and Dennis R. Straub. The five remaining board positions not up for election during the current election cycle will be the subject of our 2008 election; William R. Blomgren, Thomas A. Diehl, Jr., R. Lee Rainey, Stephen W. Jacobs, and Wade N. Woodcock now hold these seats.

FEBT directors are responsible for the management and governance of Friends of the East Broad Top. The president, vice president, and secretary are elected annually by the Board from among its members. Among other duties, directors maintain oversight over the work of all FEBT officers and staff volunteers; develop and enforce policy guidelines for all operations and activities; direct the preparation and submission of reports required by applicable federal and state laws and regulations; set fund–raising goals and support fund–raising efforts; and determine budget priorities and spending limits.

Any individual FEBT member in good standing is eligible for nomination. The chairman and members of the nominating committee select the final slate of nominees presented to FEBT members for election as directors. (Individual members include regular, family, sustaining, associate, life, student, and senior FEBT members.) However, a member in good standing may also qualify for automatic inclusion in the final slate of nominees if he or she submits a nominating petition signed by 100 FEBT members in good standing.

The members of the nominating committee for the 2007 election cycle are Thomas A. Diehl, Jr. (chairman), William E. Grant, Jr., and Ronald L. Pearson. Tom Diehl is an active member of our Rockhill Furnace restoration work crew; he has also worked at Robertsdale and coordinates our oral history program. He has served as a member of the FEBT board since November 1999. Tom is an industrial x–ray technician, working for the federal government. As an architectural advisor to FEBT, Bill Grant played an instrumental role in the first phase of our restoration of the old Robertsdale post office; he supervised our documentation of the interior of the EBT's Saltillo station and helps us at the FEBT Company Store. Bill is a registered architect and a member of the Murphy Architectural Group. An active EBT modeler, Ron Pearson joined FEBT in its first year of operation. He contributes regularly to the Timber Transfer. Ron holds a doctorate in organic chemistry and supervises research for a small corporation.

The names of potential nominees and nominating petitions should be submitted to

Thomas A. Diehl, Jr., Chairman
FEBT Nominating Committee
RR 7 Box 7678
Stroudsburg PA 18360
Telephone: (570) 421–7431 (home)

The deadline for submitting names of potential candidates for nomination or nominating petitions to the nominating committee is January 24, 2007.

Nomination and election of directors are governed by the corporate bylaws of Friends of the East Broad Top, Inc. FEBT members may obtain copies of the FEBT articles of incorporation and bylaws by sending a 63 stamped, self–addressed envelope to Tom Diehl at the address stated above.

125 attend 2006 FEBT Fall Reunion

Registered participants at our 2006 Fall Reunion included 125 FEBT members, members of the Western Maryland Railway Historical Society, and their guests. During this three–day event, on October 6–8, fall reunion registrants attended clinics presented by historical architect John R. Bowie about our documentation of the Coles Station water tank, Ronald L. Pearson on modeling the Mount Union coal transfer plant, and Larry M. Freeman and Herb Kephart on the restoration of the EBT's M–3 inspection motor car. William L. Adams, Christopher D. Coleman, Vagel C, Keller, and Ron Pearson conducted tours at Rockhill Furnace, Mount Union, and Robertsdale. FEBT members Thomas A. Diehl, Jr., Bob Goldby, R. Lee Rainey, and Robert D. Reffner handled tours inside the EBT's shops and roundhouse. There were, of course, many additional activities at the FEBT Museum and Orbisonia. Extensive coverage of the 2006 reunion will appear in a future issue of the Timber Transfer.

Our 2006 fall reunion auction of items donated to FEBT raised $1,582.41 for our restoration efforts. In addition, in November our board of directors authorized applying $1,000.00 in 2006 event proceeds to our purchase earlier this year of Adobe publication software for the Timber Transfer.

FEBT's 2006 business meeting

Approximately 45 members of Friends of the East Broad Top attended the 2006 business meeting, held in the Orbisonia Lions Hall on October 6. FEBT president Hank Inman introduced directors, officers, and staff volunteers, who provided brief reviews of our 2006 operations. A preliminary version of our 2005 accounting review report was also distributed and discussed. Copies of the final report are being distributed to all FEBT members with the current issue of the Timber Transfer.

EBT general manager Stanley Hall Recovering from heart surgery

A week before the East Broad Top Railroad's 2006 Fall Spectacular, general manager Stanley G. Hall found himself in Altoona undergoing emergency double–bypass heart surgery. We are happy to report that Stan Hall is progressing in his recovery from his unanticipated hospitalization. At home and continuing a regimen of walking and other daily exercise, he reports that he has not yet attained his presurgery stamina. He has, however, found energy to take advantage of deer season!

FEBT displays at train shows: can you help?

Several FEBT members are assisting our outreach campaign by distributing information about the East Broad Top Railroad and FEBT at recent or upcoming train shows. In July Robert R. Farquharson. with assistance from William L. Adams and Samuel L. James, organized a FEBT display based on Bob's full–size replica of EBT Transit truck no. 2 at the National Train Show, held in Philadelphia in conjunction with the National Model Railroad Association's national convention. On December 9 Christopher and Patricia Coleman set up their usual FEBT display table at the Buckeye Railroad and Model Train Show and Sale in Columbus, Ohio.

FEBT member James A. Vliet informs us he plans to organize displays and distribute FEBT and EBT information at the following train shows in early 2007: the Great South Bay Model Railroad Club's Winter Train Show in Freeport, New York, on January 7; the Amherst Railway Society's Big Railroad Hobby Show in West Springfield, Massachusetts, on January 27–28; and the Spring Thaw Train Meet in Allentown, Pennsylvania, on February 24–25. FEBT members interested in helping Jim at one of more of these shows can contact him by telephone at (516) 771–1038 (home) or by e–mail at

Next summer the National Model Railroader Association's 2007 national convention will be held in Detroit. FEBT members in the Detroit area interested in the possibility of setting up a FEBT display table at the convention and its associated train show on July 22–28 should contact FEBT outreach coordinator Dennis R. Straub, whose address, telephone number, and e–mail address are given below, so that we can reserve space at this event.

FEBT has not yet reserved space at the 2007 National Narrow Gauge Convention, which will be held in Portland, Maine, on August 29–Septernber 1. FEBT members in New England or who plan to attend this convention interested in helping us with a display table should contact Dennis Straub as soon as possible, so we can make the necessary arrangements.

We are always happy to provide literature and information about the EBT and FEBT to FEBT members for distribution at train shows, conventions, and other events. Interested FEBT members should contact FEBT outreach coordinator Dennis R. Straub—providing as much advance notice as possible—at the following address:

Dennis R. Straub
722 Alexander Spring Road
Carlisle PA 17013–9132
Telephone: (717) 249–4239

Organizer, ideas needed for 2007 FEBT 'Early Bird' Exploration

FEBT webmaster Christopher D. Coleman, who for the past several years has conducted our annual spring explorations of the East Broad Top Railroad, informs us that he is retiring—at least temporarily—from this responsibility. Interested in helping us organize this event, usually held in March or early April, or want to suggest possible ideas for next year's FEBT "Early Bird" Exploration? If so, then please contact Dennis R. Straub, who as coordinator of our outreach programs is now responsible for supervising our events—Dennis can be reached by e–mail at or by telephone at (717) 249–4239 (home).

Note that plans for our 2007 spring event must be far enough along by the end of January to be announced in the newsletter mailed to FEBT members in early February.

FEBT receives donated tools

We would like to thank the following individuals who earlier this year donated additional tools for our car restoration facility in the East Broad Top Railroad's paint shop building in Rockhill Furnace. Former FEBT member John Armstrong donated five industrial router bits; FEBT member Stephen W. Jacobs donated a 10–kilowatt portable generator with spare parts; George Jacobs donated a portable anvil, pipe vise, Snap–On socket set with ratchet, and hydraulic pipe shears; and FEBT member R. Lee Rainey donated a WEN drill sharpener and grinder.

About the Timber Transfer

At the beginning of October all current FEBT members were mailed the spring 2006 issue of the Timber Transfer (volume 22 no. 4). The next issues, summer 2006 (volume 23 no. 1), is now at our mailer and will soon be delivered to the US Post Office. Because of holiday delays, however, many FEBT members will probably not receive this mailing until early January. FEBT members who experience problems with missing or damaged issues of the Timber Transfer should contact Peter A. Clarke at the FEBT membership office by telephone at (301) 482–1136, by e–mail at, or by writing to the return address on the last page of this newsletter.

These issues of our magazine mark a milestone in our efforts to return publication of the Timber Transfer to its intended regular quarterly schedule. In 2006—for the first time in some years—we published and mailed four separate issues of the Timber Transfer. Editor Kevin C. Strong reports that he hopes to send the next issue of our magazine to our printer at the end of January.

New and 'old' products available from the FEBT Company Store

FEBT Company Store manager Richard M. Ullery reports that he is adding new items and reordering out–of–stock merchandise for our mail–order sales program. A revised 2006–2007 catalog of drawings, plans, books, tapes and DVDS, photographs, modeling supplies, back issues of the Timber Transfer, and other products currently available can be obtained by sending $2.50 to the address stated below.

Among the new items available are two products specifically produced for modelers of the East Broad Top Railroad. Several years ago William L. Adams created scale images of the yellow "fake brick" asphalt siding the EBT applied to several buildings in the early 1950s. Bill actually produced two different versions of this scale siding, which is printed in color on hard finished paper. One pattern simulates the siding applied to the Robertsdale water tank, Rockhill Furnace sand house, and Sideling Hill tunnel south watchman's shanty. The other pattern mimics the siding applied to the Coles Station water tank, Mount Union water tank, and Wrays Hill tunnel north watchman's shanty. This asphalt siding paper is available in HO, S, and 0 scales in 11 x 17–inch sheets. Also new is a molded Robertsdale concrete block sheet in HO scale. This cast resin material is available in 5 x 6–inch sheets.

Among the previously out–of–stock items now available is scale lettering for the EBT's two–bay steel hopper cars. This white decal lettering is produced in HO, S, and 0 scales. Dick is also now selling some merchandise, like FEBT–logo caps and EBT locomotive number–plate pins, previously available only at the FEBT Museum. Cheek the announcements mailed in this newsletter and with the The Timber Transfer later this month for prices and more information.

All orders and inquiries related to the Company Store should be communicated to

FEBT Company Store
P. 0. Box 145
Leetsdale PA 15056
Telephone and FAX: (412) 259–8020
E–mail: EBT herald

This newsletter is a publication of Friends of the East Broad Top, Inc., a nonprofit educational and historical society dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the East Broad Top Railroad, a US National Historic Landmark located in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. As of the date of this newsletter, FEBT regular membership costs $30.00 per twelve months; other memberships are available. For more information please consult the FEBT web site at Friends of the East Broad Top, Inc., holds events and work sessions on the property of the East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Company by arrangement with the East Broad Top Railroad. However, the East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Company retains its right to restrict or deny access of any person to its property at any time and for any reason

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