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Rockhill Furnace Work Session: March 15-16, 2003

The first Rockhill work session of 2003 was held March 15 and 16. We had 12 volunteers on Saturday and 9 on Sunday, including some individuals participating for the first time. A great deal was accomplished and it was one of our most satisfying sessions.

Volunteers for this session included Bill Adams, Chris Coleman, Alan Cupp, Tom Kozub, Bob Goldby, Bud Goldby, Lee Rainey, Shawn Stauffer, Wade Woodcock and Charlie Wootten

Glass Work

Liberating glass
Bud Goldby, Alan Cup and Bob Goldby work hard to liberate glass from window sashes.
Cleaning glass
Ben Sullivan, Lee Rainey and ???? work hard on cleaning old hardened glazing compound.

Bob and Bud Goldby led a crew that removed from the frames all the glass in the old sashes donated by Dave Brightbill. The scrap wood was added to the railroad's pile of locomotive starter wood. A great deal of progress was made in cleaning the salvaged glass and preparing it for cutting. Bill Adams compiled a materials list and action plan for this year's window work.


Machine Shop Floor

rotten floor
The old rotten floorboards have been pulled up from this long roped off section of the shops.

Dave Brightbill and Mark Gutshall recently began the process of replacing some badly damaged floor in the machine shops under a pair of leaking skylights. At Dave's request, we finished the job of removing the old flooring. Once the skylights are repaired, we will lay new flooring.


Generator Room

Generator room documentation
Shawn Stauffer and Bill Adams have a long look at the ceiling in the Generator Room. .

Tom Kozub and Bill Adams completed a highly detailed documentation job on the generator room and then with the help of Shawn Stafford took down the old ceiling and fixtures. We will be installing new window sash, rafters, ceiling, roof boards and roofing at future sessions to rehabilitate this interesting part of the shops, following a detailed bill of materials compiled by the crew.


Car Shop

Car shop doors
Old rotten siding has been stripped from the doors in preparation for installing new. .

The sheathing of the north shop doors was completed by Charlie Wootton, Jim Bacon, Chris Coleman and Ben Sullivan. Minor work is left to complete the carpentry on that end of the shop. With some work on the windows, that end of the shops will be ready to paint. Our goal is to have that wall of the shops repainted by opening day to showcase the progress that is being made.


Section House

Lee Rainey and Allen Cupp excavated around the north section shed and were finally able to get a handle on the extent of deterioration in the underpinnings. The rear building's floor is in excellent shape, but the front building's floor is very sad. (This building is actually two structures loosely held together by some battens!) A plan has been devised to stabilize the front structure while we repair the floor. We will then address the load problems on the side walls. We have a bill of materials and expect to start this work at the next session.

Shop Roof

Hole in the roof
From inside the Locomotive Shop, the hole can be seen in the roof.

At the request of Stanley Hall, we repaired a portion of the main shops roof where winter snow had caused two sheets of corrugated roofing to fall off. Several other loose sheets in the same area were secured at the same time. This crew included ground personnel Chris Coleman and Allen Cupp and aerialists Charlie Wootton and Lee Rainey.

Fixing the roof
Lee Rainey and Charlie Wootton work on securing numerous sheets or roofing that have worked loose.
Ground crew
Alan Cup supports from below, sending up tools and supplies as needed.

Track 3

Shawn Stauffer, an experienced track worker, evaluated this track and prepared a materials list and work schedule for the repairs.

Boiler House

Tom Kozub and Jim Bacon take dozens of measurements inside the building.
Fixing the roof
The roof is particularly deteriorated on the east side.

Tom Kozub and Jim Bacon thoroughly documented the structure and the extent of decay. Discussions continue on how to accomplish the desperately-needed repairs on this building.


Electrical Shop

A bill of materials was compiled to support minor repairs on this building preparatory to repainting.


The next session will be the first weekend in May.

Lee Rainey,
Rockhill Restoration Coordinator

You can view other photos of this work session at Ben Sullivan's EBT Page

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