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Rockhill Furnace Work Session: June 28-29, 2003

The fourth Rockhill work session of 2003 was held June 28-29. We had 14 volunteers on Saturday, and 13 on Sunday. Dave Bulman from Cincinnati held the distance record for the weekend.

Those participating included Charlie Wootton, Chris Coleman, Alan Cupp, Shawn Stauffer, Dave Bulman, Wade Woodcock, Bill Adams, Tom Diehl, Tom Kozub, Ben Sullivan, Bob Goldby, Bud Goldby, Lance Myers, Richard Culp, Dick Ullery, Bill Meltreder and Lee Rainey.

Coach No. 8

Roof repairs
Charlie Wootton and Wade Woodcock patch the seams in No. 8's metal roof.
Window repairs
Charlie Wootton and Wade Woodcock remove rotted material from coach No. 8's windows.

Charlie Wootton, Wade Woodcock, Dick Ullery, and Bill Meltreder worked on installing the new window sills fabricated over the winter by Charlie. They also performed necessary roof repairs. One side of the car was completed and part of the other side was also done.


Electrical Shop

Another pane
Bud Goldby prepares yet another pane of glass for installation in the shops.

Bill Adams puttied the remaining windows on the electrical/brake shops, so all windows on the east/north sides are ready for paint. We will complete the trim work at the next session and power wash the building preparatory for painting.

Glass Work

Bob and Bud Goldby cleaned additional glass and transferred the remaining loose glass stored in the new glass bin. All cleaned glass is now properly protected in wooden crates.


Boiler House

Cleanup inside
Dave Bulmer scrapes up the last of the debris between the boilers and the brick wall. It was eight to twelve inches deep. The severe problems with the brick wall and brick boilers are evident in this shot.

Chris Coleman, Bill Adams, Richard Culp, Lee Rainey and Charlie Wootton completed temporary repairs to the Boiler House roof. This involved attaching extensions to the solid portion of the rafters to replace rotted sections at the eaves, and then applying new sheathing and roofing asphalt. Patches were installed over holes higher on the roof, and anti-bird screens were reinstalled. Tom Diehl and Dave Bulmer cleaned up the rubble inside the building so that repairs to the masonry wall could continue. This involved removing many wheelbarrow loads of damaged material, and the difference in the building is very dramatic. Bill Horton, our mason volunteer from Shade Gap, continued his brickwork after the session and reports that he has almost all of the hole under the middle window filled in.

Cleanup inside
Ben Sullivan and Tom Diehl load up debris from inside the Boiler House.
Roof repairs
Temporary roof repairs on the Boiler House are about half done in this photo.
Brick repairs
Damaged brick has been removed from the Boiler House wall in preparation for replacement.

Section House

Chris Coleman and Bill Adams and Richard Culp installed the remaining new stud and the southeast corner post of the Section Shed and installed two additional diagonal braces near the front.

Track 3

Excavating for ties
Alan Cupp, Lance Myers and Shawn Stauffer excavate for insertion of ties in Track 3.
Ties ready for insertion
Over twenty ties lie ready to be inserted into the trenches already dug.

Shawn Stauffer and Alan Cupp, assisted by Dave Bulmer and Lance Myers, continued replacing ties on the No. 3 track. Another 23 ties were installed.


Generator Room

Trim going up
Ben Sullivan works to install the fascia and soffit boards on the Generator Room.

Tom Kozub and Ben Sullivan completed the outside trim work on the Generator Room and made repairs to the siding.


Shop Roof

A planning session was held with General Manager Stanley Hall to decide on our mode of attack for these repairs. Tom Diehl and Lee Rainey assembled additional roof ladders in preparation for beginning work.


The next work session will be held on July 19-20.

Lee Rainey,
Rockhill Restoration Coordinator

You can view other photos of this work session at Ben Sullivan's EBT Page and Bill Adams' EBT Pictorial

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