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Rockhill Furnace Work Session: October 10, 2003 Mini-Session

The ninth Rockhill work session of 2003 was held Friday, October 10, 2003. We had 5 volunteers.

Those participating included Bob Goldby, Deane Mellander, Tom Kozub, Charlie Wootton and Chris Coleman.

As a pre-Fall Event clean-up session, the work concentrated on tidying up the shops, picking up after a year's work of projects and getting the shops as presentable as possible, in which all volunteers assisted. The Car shop was marked off with safety tape to indicate the safe areas for the open house that weekend.

Car Shop

Track 3
The Car Shop work provided a good view of the extent of the track 3 rebuilding.
Track 3
Track 3 again, this time looking south.

One restoration project moved forward as trim painting was completed on the northeast corner of the Car Shop including painting the security light, it's conduit and metalwork in black. The scaffolding needed for this project also provided an opportunity to change the bulb which was going out.


Emergency Trackwork to Support Repairs to the M-1

M-1 interior
The bulkhead in M-1 was removed for the work done to the generator coupling. It was left out for the Fall Event.

The cooperative effort to get the track into the RTY car barn operational for M-1 repairs was a success! M-1 rolled out.

M-1 on Track 3
M-1 poses on track 3 as the FEBT and RTY members who repaired the Car Barn lead track get their photos.
M-7 and M-1
M-7 just happened by and stopped to pose by M-1. This is the first passing on this track in many, many years.
M-1 and trolley
The crew was then given a complimentary ride on the M-1 to a photo shoot of "the 1", a Brill designed railcar, and one of RTY's Brill trolleys.

Chris Coleman,
EBT Webmaster, Rockhill Window Co-crew Chief.

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