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Rockhill Furnace Work Session: February 21-22, 2004 Mini-Session

The second Rockhill work session of 2004 took place Saturday and Sunday, February 21 and 22.

Those in attendance included Ben Sullivan, Reggie Arford, Tom Kozub, Charlie Wootton, Wade Woodcock, Bill Adams and Lee Rainey.

Caboose 28

Removing siding
Ben Sullivan cuts nails in the roofing to remove the last of the siding.

The entire session was spent working on Caboose 28 (the green caboose.) We are pleased to say that all the dismantling of old, damaged material is complete and we are well under way in putting the caboose back together.

During the weekend, we removed the last of the old caboose siding and detached the roofing tin from the fascia boards. Using grinders, cut off wheels, drills, chisels, big hammers and a lot of sweat and ingenuity, we removed several dozen rivets that secured the old platform parts. The damaged platform steel was trimmed preparatory to welding the new platform plates. We then began cutting the new platform plates to fit. We also tightened usable siding nailing strips and fabricated new wood shapes (some quite intricate) to replace a number of rotted strips. At the next session, we expect to begin siding installation and complete the platform plates so that they are ready to be welded by the railroad crew. Be sure you come to that session to see what the innards of the caboose look like. It is a pretty amazing piece of construction.

Grinding rivets
Lee Rainey and Tom Kozub Work to grind out rivets to remove the rusted-out platform deck.
New platform deck
The new platform deck is placed to mark it for cutting and drilling.
Framing repairs
New wood is spliced into the lower siding nailing member.

Next Session

The next session, Saturday and Sunday, March 13 and 14, marks the resumption of full-crew work sessions. We'll have plenty of work for everyone who can handle a shovel or a pruning saw or who can help load and unload ties or swing a hammer. In addition to the caboose, we'll be working on boiler room scaffolding to prepare for brick and roof work, on jacking damaged pillars as the first steps of the roof repair in the main shop, on the final carpenter work in the north section shed, on brush clearance to correct a variety of drainage and operation problems, and 'weather permitting' on tie replacement.

We hope you can join us!

Lee Rainey,
Rockhill Restoration Coordinator

You can view other photos of this work session at Ben Sullivan's EBT Page and Bill Adams' EBT Pictorial.

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