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Rockhill Furnace Work Session: April 17-18 Mini-Session

The fourth Rockhill work session of 2004 took place Saturday and Sunday, April 17 and 18. Those in attendance included Tom and Evelyn Kozub, Bob and Bud Goldby, Charlie Wootton, Wade Woodcock, Bill Adams, and Larry Freeman.

Caboose 28

Out in the sunlight
The caboose is out in the sunlight for some outside work this session.
Test fitting hardware
Test fitting all the hardware before the platform deck plates are welded in place.

The entire session was spent working on Caboose 28 (the green caboose). The crew began the day planning how to move the caboose outside. Charlie Wootton and Tom Kozub, using long pry bars, slowly nudged the car forward. Once rolling the caboose was simply pushed by the energetic crew. The caboose was spotted about 50 feet from the car shop for welding.

The crew then prepared the caboose for welding of the platform plates. All welding surfaces were cleared of rust, using hand grinders and powered wire brushes. Bill Adams degreased and etched the plates for future painting. Larry Freeman set up the RTY's MIG welding equipment. The welding attached the plates to the tourist-era steel steps and the end beams. The plate was welded to the steel corner angles and diagonal braces, where there had previously been rivets. Larry completed the welding on the north platform on Saturday and the south platform on Sunday.

Tom Kozub, using an impact wrench, installed the fourteen 5/8" bolts with lock washers to connect the platforms to the center beam on the south end. Tom also fabricated the spacers between the wood deck and steel platform plate which will be needed at the next session.

Also on Saturday, Evelyn Kozub primed more poplar siding for the caboose. On Sunday Bill Adams and the Goldbys joined the priming crew. This is time-consuming process with the sides as well as the tongue and the grooves being primed.

Charlie Wootton and Wade Woodcock continued installing the siding and window frames. The siding is near complete on the east side of the caboose.

Frank Shoop installed lights in the car shops to better illuminate the work area.

Welding the platforms
Welding the platform plates into place.
Reconnecting hardware
Tom and Evelyn Kozub work to bolt the plate back to the center sill.
Applying siding
Charlie Wootton applies siding while Larry Freeman works on the platform.
More siding
Charlie Wootton and Wade Woodcock prepare more siding.
Priming siding
Bob and Bud Goldby prime siding for installation on the caboose.

Next Session

Our next session will be held May 1-2. We will continue preparation and installation of the caboose siding, begin work on the carpentry for the roof canyon, work on track and on brick wall repairs, do more brush clearance, and push ahead on window repairs. We hope you can join us!

Thanks to Wade Woodcock for this report!

Lee Rainey,
Rockhill Restoration Coordinator

You can view other photos of this work session at Bill Adams' EBT Pictorial.

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