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Rockhill Furnace Work Session: May 22-23, 2004

The crew
The crew poses near the Rockhill Trolley Museum pavilion.

The sixth Rockhill work session took place Saturday and Sunday, May 22 and 23. We had 13 volunteers on Saturday and 11 on Sunday.

The FEBT participants were Dave Bulman, Ben Sullivan, Steve Jacobs, Bob Harris, Wade Woodcock, Chris Coleman, Richard Culp, Reggie Arford, Lee Rainey, Charlie Wootton, Tom Kozub, Bob and Bud Goldby, Jim Bacon and Bill Adams.


Shops Cleanup

The first priority was to clean up inside the shops buildings in preparation for the tours on opening day. The caboose work over the winter and the lumber deliveries for various projects had left the shops looking excessively "lived in." Large quantities of scrap from the caboose work were removed, and materials for the shop roof project were taken to safe storage.

Caboose 28

Platforms are painted
Bill Adams paints the new steel plate on the caboose platform prior to fitting the wood decking onto it.

Most of the crew then continued the installation of the sheathing and the platform planking on Caboose 28, and also began the preparation of the roof surface.

Siding work
Dave Bulman, Wade Woodcock and Lee Rainey work to install the new siding on the west side of the car.
Platform work
Charlie Wootton works on the roof while Bill Adams and Richard Culp finish up the platform decking.
Caboose inspection
Volunteers inspect the caboose roof and cupola near the end of the session.

Boiler House

Brick repair
Jim Bacon works near the top of the Boiler House brick wall.
Brick repair
Jim Bacon and Dave Bulman repair the upper sections of brickwork on the Boiler House east wall.

Jim Bacon led repairs to the brick front wall of the Boiler House. The work is now at the top of the wall above the windows, and the end is in sight.


Brush Clearing

The brush crew
Richard Culp, bane of EBT vegetation, poses beside Jordan Creek.
Results of brush clearing
The results of brush cutting are dramatic, as this view has not been possible in decades.

Richard Culp completed a first round of brush clearance in Jordan Run. This has made a noticeable impact on the stream flow, and has had the side benefit of killing the vines that were threatening the mortar of the brick paint shop.


Shops Windows

High window work
Work is in progress on the high window in the Machine Shop.
After the work session
The main entrance and the Machine Shop look a good bit better after the session.

Chris Coleman led window repairs in the vicinity of the main shop doors, and made a very visible difference in preparation for opening day.


Line Cleanup

Due to a shortage of volunteers, the Second Annual FEBT Spring Cleanup was unable to proceed.

Next Session

Our next session will be held June 12-13.

Lee Rainey,
Rockhill Restoration Coordinator

You can view other photos of this work session at Ben Sullivan's EBT Page and Bill Adams' EBT Pictorial.

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