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Rockhill Furnace Work Session: July 10-11, 2004

The second Rockhill work session since the railroad opened for the 2004 summer season took place on Saturday and Sunday, July 10-11. We had 19 volunteers on Saturday and 18 on Sunday.

Those participating included Lee Rainey, Chris Coleman, Francis Parker, Tom Kozub, John and Barb Morgan, Russell Crump, Jim Bacon, Steve Jacobs, Charlie Wootton, Bob Harris, Wade Woodcock, Richard Culp, Shawn Stauffer, Richard Shell, Tom Diehl, Bob and Bud Goldby, and Bill Adams.

Caboose 28

Working on the caboose eaves
Bill Adams and Wade Woodcock work on Caboose 28's platform eaves.

Carpentry work continued on caboose 28. The focus of the work was door trim, letterboards, and platforms. More problems were discovered with rot around the cupola and it was determined that extensive repairs would be needed.

Repairing the roof
Tom Kozub works on repairing a hole in the caboose's tongue-and-groove roof boards.
Sanding the corners
Bill Adams works on sanding the siding corners to a right angle.
Sanding the trim
Wade Woodcock works on finish-sanding trim boards for the caboose.

Track Work

Trenching for ties
Track crew members dig for additional ties in Track 3.
Trenching for ties
???, Richard Shell, ???, Shawn Stauffer and Steve Jacobs "finesse" a tie into place in Track 3.

The track crew began the work to insert additional ties in track 3 to upgrade it for steam service. A record installation of 51 ties was completed during the weekend.


Brush Clearing

Trees removed
Early in the session, the crew works to liberate the third hopper on the Coach House track from the brush.
mince-meat out of trees
The brush crew relentlessly makes mince-meat out of trees that had enveloped the EBT hoppers.
End of the session
By the end of the weekend seven hoppers lost in the woods have reappeared.

Brush clearance continued along the wye, revealing more and more hoppers that had been disappearing into the undergrowth.


Boiler House

Temporary bracing
A newly built temporary bracing will hold up the roof while the frame section of the wall is removed and rehabilitated.
Dismantling the wall
Jim Bacon and Tom Diehl start the process of dismantling the rotten portion of the boiler house wall.
End of the session
With the rotten portions removed, a tarp covers the large hole until the next work session.

The brick crew continued on the Boiler House with repairs to the brickwork now accessible from the internal scaffolding erected at an earlier session.


Machine Shop

More white windows
Two more windows, at right, receive repairs and primer.

Repairs continued on the windows of the main shops, working out from the newly-completed windows in the area of the main shop door.


Lee Rainey,
Rockhill Restoration Coordinator

You can view other photos of this work session at Bill Adams' EBT Pictorial.

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