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Rockhill Furnace Work Session: August 12-15, 2004

The fifth Rockhill work session of the EBT's 2004 operating season took place Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 12-15. This session extended much of the week before the 12th, as various crew members worked at a variety of tasks to complete Caboose 28. At least seven people worked prior to Saturday, often late into the night. There were 19 volunteers on Saturday and 19 on Sunday.

Those taking part included Lee Rainey, Bob Goldby, Tom Kozub, Charlie Wootton, Chris Coleman, Pat Coleman, Bill Adams, Wade Woodcock, Dave Bulman, Shawn Stauffer, Steve Jacobs, Tom Diehl, Jim Bacon, Richard Shell, Richard Culp, John Morgan, Barb Morgan, Jenn Morgan, Deane Mellander, Jim Vliet, Gordon Brinthaupt Jr., and Gordon Brinthaupt III.

Caboose 28

Caboose 28 roll out
With the restoration crew watching, the EBT train slowly backed in and pulled Caboose 28 back into the daylight.
Caboose 28 back in service
In front of the station, Caboose 28 formally returns to revenue service. The Restoration crew was allowed to ride the car from the Shops to the station. They were also offered the first ride down the line, but all chose to return to work.
Caboose 28 and dignitaries
Just prior to departing on her first run, dignitaries pose on the rear platform. l to r: Stanley Hall, EBT General Manager; Joe Kovalchick, Owner of the EBT; Hank Inman, FEBT President; Lee Rainey, FEBT Rockhill Work Crew Coordinator.

Roof work, cupola repairs, touch-up painting, stenciling and many other small tasks were completed on Caboose 28. On Saturday, August 12, the caboose was ceremonially pulled from the shops at 10 am for the first train. EBT President Joe Kovalchick thanked the volunteer crew for their efforts.


Track 3

The track crew continued the placement of the new ties under Track 3.

Roof Canyon

Work commenced on the roof canyon between the Car Shop and the Locomotive Shop. The first stage was to attach side plates to the existing walls and then to begin cutting the angled rafters that will form the trough of the new roof.

Brush Crew

Clearing around the hoppers
Clearing continues along the hoppers on the Coach House track.
Cutting brush along the old main
A volunteer uses a chainsaw to clear trees from the EBT main south of the Coal Dock.
The end of track begins to open up
At the end of track for the past 40 years, the brush begins to give way in preparation for speeder rides later in the year.

Brush removal along the wye, exposed the long string of hopper cars spotted on the former Coach House track.



Window work in progress
Work on several windows around the Shops entrance is in progress.
Puttying new glass
Barb Morgan works to install glazing putty in a Machine Shop window.
Progess at session's end
Much more primer had been applied by the end of the session.

Glass and window work continued around the main door to the shops with the goal of presenting a completely restored appearance to this part of the building for the fall spectacular.



A major clean-up and organization of our storage area was completed, with all tools and supplies inventoried, categorized and labeled for quick access. This is a major aid to our work.

Boiler House

After the dismantling of part of the east Boiler House wall in July, reconstruction began. The new hemlock framing was installed and lapped into the current framing. All new siding was installed.

Wall reconstruction
With new wall framing in place, the new siding and trim are being installed.
Pogess at session's end
At the end of the session, the siding is on and ready for trim and paint.

Lee Rainey,
Rockhill Restoration Coordinator

You can view other photos of this work session at Bill Adams' EBT Pictorial.

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