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Rockhill Furnace Work Session: August 28-29, 2004

The sixth Rockhill work session of the EBT's 2004 summer season took place Saturday and Sunday, August 28-29. We had 12 volunteers each day. Those participating included Steve Jacobs, Lee Rainey, Richard Culp, Richard Dew, Charlie Wootton, Dick Ullery, Bill Adams, Tom Diehl, Rich Grandzol, Steve Pers, Wade Woodcock, Reggie Arford, and Shawn Stauffer.

Roof Canyon

New roof in the canyon
The new roof sheathing starts to go on in the roof canyon.
Preparing roof parts
Wade Woodcock works to cut new components for the canyon roof to be handed up to the crew topside.

Work continued on the roof canyon between the Car Shop and the Locomotive Shop buildings, with that attachment of additional side plates and the fabrication and installation of the tapered rafters. Installation of the plywood decking was begun.


Track 3

Trenching for ties
The track crew works hard to trench in the slag and cinder for additional ties.

Additional ties were placed in Track 3, as part of the effort to return it to steam service.


Brush Clearing

Along the Rockhill wye, large quantities of previously-cut brush were chipped. Additional clearing was then done in the south end of the yard.

Machine Shop

Reparing the eave
Dick Ullery works to repair the north eave of the Machine Shop, damaged by rot.
Reparing the eave
Moving up the eaves, Dick now repairs the standouts for the eave.

In the area of the main shops entrance, repairs of siding, battens and windows continued in preparation for painting at the next session.


Boiler House

Trim goes on
Trim starts to go on the east wall of the Boiler House.

On the Boiler House, repairs to the woodwork above the brick wall continued. This included the installation of new siding, battens and window trim.


Lee Rainey,
Rockhill Restoration Coordinator

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