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Rockhill Furnace Work Session: March 12-13, 2005

The crew
The crew poses at hopper 802.

The second FEBT Rockhill work session of 2005 was held March 12-13. We had 12 volunteers of Saturday and 12 on Sunday.

Those participating included l. to r., Tom Kozub, Bill Adams, Charlie Wootton, Jim Bacon, Richard Culp, Steve Jacobs, Jim Sucke, Bob Harris and Lee Rainey (Chris Coleman is behind the camera) Not in the photo are Wade Woodcock, Reggie Arford and Dave Brightbill. We also had valuable help from RTY volunteers Larry Freeman, Henry Long and Frank Shoop.


Paint Shop

Installing conduit
Tom Kozub and Bob Harris work to install new power conduit in the Paint Shop.
Installing conduit
Charlie Wootton bonds together section of conduit in the Paint Shop.

Bob Harris, Tom Kozub, Dave Brightbill and Charlie Wootton worked on installing additional electrical circuits in the Paint Shop, and removing trash and surplus materials.


Brush Crew

Clearing the creek
Richard Culp works to clear the brush from Jordan Creek between the Paint Shop and Meadow Street.
Cleared creek
The impact of the brush clearing is enormous. A couple years ago the shops were not visible from this spot save for the roofs.

Richard Culp continued a dramatic cleanup of brush along Jordan Run, working north to within a few feet of Meadow Street.


Boiler House

Final mortar repairs
Jim Bacon works on the last of the mortar repairs in the upper section of the Boiler House east wall.
Jacking the coal bin
A temporary post and stabilizing timber are in place as the north wall of the Boiler House is jacked back into place.
Cutting new posts
Jim Bacon cuts the post that will support the north wall.

Jim Bacon and Jim Sucke continued work in the Boiler House. Additional mortar work was done and then the scaffolding used last season was dismantled and the wood was salvaged for reuse. The sagging beam supporting the wooden portion of the west wall was jacked up to level, and a pillar and tie rod were installed to hold it in place. Work then continued on preparing the attached coalbin for major repairs.


Machine Shop

Window repairs
Bill Adams works to repair the transom window on the east end of the machine shop.
Window repairs
At the end of the session the change in appearance is substantial.

Chris Coleman and Bill Adams attacked the west side of the Machine Shop. Major progress was made on window pane replacement in an area which is inaccessible during the operating season and which was badly exposed to the weather due to broken panes.


Flat Car 119

Flatcar repairs
Reggie Arford and Lee Rainey work to remove the last of the decking from the flatcar.

Lee Rainey, Tom Kozub and Reggie Arford removed the benches from the passenger flatcar 119. After much prying and hammering, they succeeded in removing all the decking except for one end sill. A lumber order was prepared and reassembly of the car will begin as soon as materials arrive.


Hopper 802

Bending air lines
Frank Shoop and Charlie Wootton bend brake lines for installation on the hopper (with proper supervision.)

Charlie Wootton and Frank Shoop installed the new brake piping on side-dump hopper 802. Steve Jacobs, Wade Woodcock, Lee Rainey and Henry Long traveled to the New Holland plant in Belleville to pick up over a ton of new laser-cut steel for the car. The folks at New Holland have done a great job at a great price and we are most appreciative. Steve and Wade then began the installation of the new parts. The center plate between the hoppers, the door mechanisms, and a number of reinforcing angles and plates have been attached. Installation of the slope sheets will begin at the next session.

Installing air lines
Frank and Charlie now install the lines in the hopper.

Hopper repairs
Neither summer heat nor winter snow can keep the Friends from their appointed restoration.
Installing the center sheet
Several crew members work to align the center divider sheet and bolt in into place.
FEBT was here
A little lighthearted spray paint work augments the protective paint over the bolt holes.

Lunch and Inspection

Excellent hot meals were again prepared for the volunteers by RTY chef extraordinaire Larry Freeman.

Our work was inspected on Sunday by EBT General Manager Stanley Hall, and he expressed great satisfaction with the progress.

Next Session

The next session will be Saturday and Sunday, April 23-24.

Lee Rainey,
Rockhill Restoration Coordinator

You can view other photos of this work session at Bill Adams' EBT Pictorial.

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