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Rockhill Furnace Work Session: May 14-15, 2005

The crew
The crew poses at the Paint Shop.

The last FEBT Rockhill work session before opening day was held Saturday and Sunday, May 14-15, 2005. On Saturday we had thirteen FEBT volunteers plus 22 volunteers from the Bucksgahuda & Western crew. On Sunday we had ten FEBT volunteers.

The FEBT crew included: (standing) Lee Rainey, Jim Sucke, Chris Coleman, Wade Woodcock, Steve Jacobs, Charlie Wootton, Bob Harris and Ben Sullivan. (up high) Bob Reffner and Bob Goldby. Missing from the photo is Shawn Stauffer, Reggie Arford and Richard Culp.

The Bucksgahuda & Western crew consisted of Tom Bauer, Fred Bauer, Tony Weber, Bruce Forester, Nick DaMore, Jim Smithbauer, Ron Blatt, Brian Schatz, Brian Fleming, Mary Pat Fleming, Allissa Fleming, Janie Bauer, AJ Ruprecht, Joe Rupprecht, David Boyer, Bill Bauer, Mel Goldy, Mark Tupper, Todd Hunter, Glenn Bottorf, Joel William and Art Martin.



The B&W crew
With a tie inserter and trench digger in action the B&W crew is hard at work.
The B&W crew
A wider view of the track crew and their equipment.

The B&W crew, working under the supervision of the EBT's Danny Gilliland, replaced 102 ties on the south leg of the Rockhill wye, an impressive accomplishment! As they did last year, the B&W folks brought their own track machines, including a multi-gauge tie inserter that made everyone envious. It is impressive to see this highly-skilled crew at work and we very much appreciate their help in maintaining this key piece of trackage, part of the tourist season mainline run.


Machine Shop

Priming the shop
The crew primes the west end of the machine shop.
At the end of the session
The machine shop and Tool Room are painted by the end of the session.

Most of the FEBT team spent Saturday and Sunday on the west wall of the Machine Shop and the Tool Room. Under the leadership of Chris Coleman, loose battens were secured and the wall was primed on Saturday by a large crew. Sunday saw a smaller group apply the finish coat of official EBT red. (The finish coat goes significantly faster than the primer.) Visitors at the opening weekend will be in for a treat when they see the newly painted portion of the shops. This wall now needs final putty work on the windows and window trim paint.


Hopper #802

Coupler pocket
New steel was fabricated and installed on the coupler pocket.
Slope sheets
Two of three slope sheets are installed on one end.
Bay sheets
One of the new bays is installed.

Reassembly of #802 began in earnest under the leadership of Steve Jacobs. A small crew primed the hopper sills, the slope sheets and the floor sheets the week before. The prepared sheets for the north end were manoeuvred into place with the help of many people, and the hopper crew spent the rest of the weekend bolting and installing the hopper floor pieces.


Boiler House

Boiler House
Paint starts to cover the brickwork on the Boiler House.

Jim Sucke finished enough of the repointing on the outside of the Boiler House brick wall that it was possible to paint two of the panels. The finished appearance is great! We look forward to finishing the remaining panel next time.


Long Term Plans

Our goal for the summer is to: finish the Boiler House brick wall repointing and painting; dismantle the badly decayed Coal Bin and construct and paint a replacement (which then will become storage space); complete the window repairs on the north side of the Machine Shop and paint the intervening wall. This will join the work of the past several years to produce eight contiguous walls of reconditioned shop building!

Along the way, we will also finish the rebuilding of hopper #802 and passenger flat #119 and complete the work in the roof canyon that was begun last year.

But we can only do it with your help. Won't you join us for a weekend or even a day?

Lee Rainey,
Rockhill Restoration Coordinator

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