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Rockhill Furnace Work Session: July 23-24, 2005

The FEBT Rockhill work crew met Saturday and Sunday, July 23-24, 2005 at Rockhill Furnace. We had 22 volunteers on Saturday and 20 on Sunday.

Those participating included Steve Jacobs, Fred Kuhns, Francis Parker, Jim Bacon, JoAnn Bacon, Dick Ullery, Richard Shell, Tom Kozub, David Dietz, Jane Clarke, Pete Clarke, Bob Harris, Dave Phillips, Charlie Wotton, Gordon Brinthaupt Jr., Gordon Brinthaupt III, Jim Sucke, Bill Adams, Andy Van Scyoc, Shawn Stauffer, Tom Diehl, Wade Woodcock, Reggie Arford, Lee Rainey, Richard Culp, Bob Goldby, Bob Reffner.

Hopper 802

Lower sheets
Lower sheets continue to be installed.

Reassembly of hopper no. 802 continued. The A-end coupler was finished, and the remaining slope sheet was put into place. Much work was done bolting the various pieces into place.


Machine Shop

The window crew worked on putty and paint, both in the main shop building and on the window sashes for the paint shop.

Flat Car 119

All the remaining decking was planned, cut, shimmed and nailed in place. The crew also completed bolting down the east-side angle that holds the decking. The car was almost immediately pressed into service as a freight car to move much material out of the paint shop so the new floor could be laid.

Boiler House

Coal Bin siding
Dick and Jim apply siding to the Coal Bin.
Boiler House
The framing is up and siding is going on.

The Coal Bin was the most dramatic accomplishment of this session. This crew erected the wall framing, no small task, as it \ involved 8"x8"x20' beams, and then began applying the reproduction siding. By the end of Sunday, the two new walls were framed and much of the east wall was sheathed.


Brush Crew

The brush-cutting crew completed their clearing work along the south leg of the wye and chipped a huge quantity of the resulting brush.

Locomotive No. 15

During this session and on the weekends since the previous session, a number of our volunteers worked with Frank Shoop and Larry Freeman to reinstall the boiler jacket on Mikado No. 15. By the end of this session, all but one piece of the sheathing had been cut and fitted into place.


Meals were provided by the Eagle Diner, Chef Larry Freeman presiding.

Our next session is August 13-14. In addition, a small crew will be working during the week prior to the session on the new concrete floor for the paint shop.

Lee Rainey,
Rockhill Restoration Coordinator

You can view other photos of this work session at Bill Adams' EBT Pictorial.

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