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Rockhill Furnace Work Session: September 10-11, 2005

An FEBT Rockhill work session was held Saturday and Sunday, September 10 and 11, 2005. We had 15 volunteers on Saturday and 19 on Sunday.

Those participating included Lee Rainey, Jim Sucke, Wade Woodcock, Jim and Jo Ann Bacon, Richard Culp, Charles Wootton, Chris Coleman, Richard Shell, Steve Jacobs, Bill Adams, Andy Van Scyoc, Bob Goldby, Bill Blomgren, Reggie Arford, Bob Farquharson, Frank Niver, Gordon Brinthaupt Jr., Gordon Brinthaupt III, David Dietz, Tom Diehl, and Bob Harris.

Flat Car 119

Flat Car 119
Benches and railing are installed on the rehabilitated flat car.
Flat Car 119
Volunteers measure and cut pieces to fit on the car.

Replacement side stakes were installed as needed and the stakes being reused from the original car were straightened. The bench trestles, backs, seats and trim were installed, the numerous screws filled, and the benches were painted. Using a mix of new lumber and material salvaged from the original car, the installation of the side and end railings was begun. The railings are now 50% complete. The car was also jacked up and the bolster bearings were lubricated preparatory to its return to service.


Machine Shop

Machine Shop
Primer goes onto the building on Saturday. Paint followed on Sunday.

The crew completed the priming and finish painting of the portion of the north wall of the Machine Shop that had been under repair during the summer. This portion of the shops is now in excellent condition for use as a backdrop to fall photography.


Hopper 802

Hopper 802
Old paint is wire brushed off in preparation for priming and painting.
Hopper 802
Some holes in the sheet metal needed reaming out to fit just right.

The B-end slope-sheets are 70% bolted in and the center slope sheet has been installed. Side-sheet patches have been fitted on both sides and are ready for welding. The bolting of the couplers and bolster gussets was completed, and the brake lever was re-installed against the slope-sheet. Both sides of the hopper have been wire-brushed and are ready for paint prep and paint as soon as the patches have been welded. The brake wheel and platform is 50% completed. The hopper is now structurally ready to be moved if necessary.


Boiler House

Coal Bin
The roof goes onto the new coal bin.
Coal Bin
The roof at the end of the session.

The crew installed the remaining rafters and all the roof planks and stretched and secured a temporary tarp to protect the roof for the winter.


Following the Saturday work, a very pleasant dinner was prepared by the railroad for the EBT crew, the RTY work crew, and the FEBT volunteers and officers. The event was held at the RTY's Eagle Café.

The next FEBT Rockhill work session, our last for 2005, will be held November 5 and 6. We hope you can join us.

Lee Rainey,
Rockhill Restoration Coordinator

You can view other photos of this work session at Bill Adams' EBT Pictorial.

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