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Rockhill Furnace Work Session: November 5-6, 2005

The crew
The November 2005 crew.

The last FEBT Rockhill work session was held Saturday and Sunday, November 5-6, 2005. We had twenty-one volunteers on Saturday and twenty-two on Sunday, making it our second largest session of the year.

Those participating included Chris and Pat Coleman, Steve Jacobs, David Dietz, John and Barbara Morgan, Bill Blomgren, Don Schultz, Jim Sucke, Jim Bacon, Dave Phillips, Bob Farquharson, George Cook, Jane and Pete Clarke, Charlie Wootton, Bill Adams, Andy van Scyoc, Bob Goldby, Bob Reffner, Lee Rainey, Wade Woodcock, Jane and Richard Rutledge, and Doug Linebaugh.


Boiler House

Coal Bin
The last of the siding goes onto the east side of the Coal Bin.
Coal Bin
The siding is completed and primed. The roof covering is going on.
Coal Bin
The finished roof covering. The tarp will protect the north wall of the Boiler House until it can be repaired in the spring.

Great progress was made on the reconstruction of the Coal Bin. The remaining siding was installed on both new walls, and necessary repairs were made to the west wall. The walls were also painted. The metal roofing was installed and the building closed up for the winter. The completion of this major project now creates a secure platform to continue the work on the upper story of the north side of the building, as well as providing much-needed storage space for our scaffolding.


Boiler Shop/Machine Shop

Boiler Shop
Primer goes on the lower portion of the Boiler Shop.
Machine Shop
Finish red coat goes onto the Machine Shop.
Machine Shop
A replacement roofing sheet goes on the eves over the Generator Room.

The previously power-washed walls were primed and given their coat of red paint to seal them for the winter. Repairs were made to the roof over the main door. This season's work has made an enormous and very visible difference on the north machine shop building.


Car Shop

Loose roof sheets were secured on the Car Shop roof.

Hopper Car 802

Hopper 802
New sheets cover most of the interior of the car.

The hopper crew completed the final torquing of the B-end slope sheets, the installation of the remaining two bin floors and their A-frames and supports, and the torquing of the bin floor hardware. The center latch covers were installed, and the brake wheel shaft was removed to allow for the installation of a new brake platform. The air lines were completed and tested for leaks.

Hopper 802
The center sill is almost covered with the hopper sheets.
Hopper 802
Volunteers work inside the car to secure the sheets with dozens of bolts.
Hopper 802
There are many, many bolts to torque down. On the ground are two of the last sheet metal pieces to be installed.

Paint Shop

Paint Shop
Combine #14 now occupies the Paint Shop in preparation for her restoration, beginning this coming winter.

A variety of move-in and window tasks were completed in the Paint Shop.


Glass Recovery

Many more windows have been donated and the glass must be removed and cleaned.

The glass recovery team worked hard to clean and prepare many more panes of glass for the shops work.


The first 2006 FEBT Rockhill work session will be held Saturday and Sunday, January 7-8, 2006, in our new heated car restoration facility. We will do the documentation work on Combine 14 and begin the disassembly of the side sheathing and roof to permit evaluation of the structural problems.

Lee Rainey,
Rockhill Restoration Coordinator

You can view other photos of this work session at Bill Adams' EBT Pictorial.

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