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Rockhill Furnace Work Session: February 4-5, 2006

The second Rockhill work session of 2006 was held Saturday and Sunday, February 4-5, 2006.

Those participating included Lee Rainey, Charles Wootton, Richard Culp, Andy Van Scyoc, William Adams and Bill Meltreder.

Shop Roofs

Shop roof repair
Volunteers secure roof panels which blew loose loose over the winter.

A small crew worked to secure or reattach the corrugated roof panels that had been blown loose during the infamous winter winds in the Aughwick valley. Sheets were refastened on the Boiler Shop.


Combine #14

Combine bolsters
Removal of the flooring reveals problems with the car's bolster truss rods.

Disassembly work on Combine #14 continued. The car was jacked and blocked by cribbing to level it and take weight off of the car bolsters. All the seats were removed from the car and placed in storage.

Flooring and sub flooring was removed from both end sections of the car to expose the structure of the car bolsters. Two of the four truss rods that support the bolster beams were found to be damaged.

Roof disassembly continued with the removal of roof coverings below the clerestory windows and the remainder of the upper roof.

Siding was removed from the passenger section end of the car, where the platform has previously been removed.

Combine roof
The process of removing the various layers of roofing begins.

Combine roof
Roof work moves down to the roof below the transom panels.

Combine seats
The seats are removed from the passenger compartment of the car to allow access to the floor and the bolster.
Passenger end
The passenger end of #14 after disassembly.

Cribbing support
Cribbing supports the passenger end of the car.

Car bolster
The car bolster on the freight end of the car, as seen from inside.

Sand House

In order to store the many parts being removed from Combine #14 for its restoration process, the FEBT crew was given permission by the EBT to clean up the interior of the single story section portion of the Sand House. Trash in the building was disposed up and parts and supplies organized and stacked. The floor was cleaned and a long removed door was reinstalled to provide access.

The parts of the #14 could then be stored inside, tagged with their original location and stacked orderly.

You can view other photos of this work session at Bill Adams' EBT Pictorial.

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