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Rockhill Furnace Work Session: March 4-5, 2006

The crew
The March 2006 crew.

The third FEBT Rockhill Furnace work session of 2006 and the first outdoor work session of the year was held Saturday and Sunday, March 4-5, 2005.

The FEBT crew included Jim Sucke, Dave Phillips, Lee Rainey, Dick Uhlery, Fred Kuhns, David Wilson, Richard Shell, Andy Van Scyoc, Bill Adams, Steve Jacobs, Pat Coleman, Chris Coleman, Jane Rutledge, Richard Rutledge, Dave Dietz, and Shawn Stauffer.


Boiler House

removing the tarp
Jim Bacon begins removing the shredded tarp.
Door construction
Jim Bacon and Chris Coleman put the finishing touches on the new door for the Coal Bin.

The tarp which had been protecting the north side of the Boiler House had torn away in the stiff winter winds. A small crew set about removing the remains of the shredded tarp and the tack strips, and installing a new tarp to keep the spring rains out. This section of wall is to be restored this summer.

This crew then constructed a door for the opening on the east side of the Coal Bin. This opening was originally the entrance for the conveyer that fed coal into the bin. It has been boarded over since the 1960's and the door was built to replicate that.


Combine #14

Bill Adams and Tom Kozub work to document the interior of the car.

On Saturday a crew set about completing the disassembly work on Combine #14 that had proceeded through the January and February sessions. Inside the car trim was removed remove from around covers on the car's transoms.

On the roof the last of the metal roofing was removed from the car. Remaining trim was removed and stored and damaged or rotten wood roof components were removed for replication.

Internal disassembly
Wade Woodcock and Richard Shell remove trim over transoms.
Roof disassembly
Volunteers remove roofing and trim from the roof of the car.
Roof disassembly
Work continues with the removal of rotted or damaged wood sections.
Roof disassembly
Disassembly continues.

Roof disassembly
The roof at the end of the day.

Hopper #802

Hopper 802
The hopper at the end of the session.
Test fitting
The final piece of interior sheet metal is test fitted.
Bolting up the sheet
Volunteers work from the inside and underside to bolt in the sheet metal.

With warmer weather coming Sunday, the Hopper crew started up for the year. One last cantankerous piece of sheet metal has to be bolted into place inside the hopper. It is the end piece that covers the center sill of the car. Much progress was made in getting this piece to fit properly.


Generator Room

Ceiling installation
Jim Bacon installs ceiling boards in the Generator Room.
Ceiling installation
The ceiling approaches the doorway.

On Sunday a carpentry crew set to work installing the ceiling in the Generator Room. The room's roof was completely replaced in 2003 by an FEBT crew. Reproduction tongue and groove millwork made to replicate the original ceiling was purchased during the initial work, but had been stored until a break in other projects allowed its installation. All the ceiling was installed. During future sessions the ceiling as well as the rest of the room will be primed and painted. Original fixtures can then be reinstalled.


Boiler Shop

Window repair
Window repairs in progress.
Window repairs
The first window on the Boiler Shop to receive repairs.

On Sunday the first window on the Boiler Shop received repairs. This window received replacements for all broken panes and a coat of primer. This window was selected as it did not need major wood work and the screen covering it was blocking painting on the siding.


Shop Roofs

Shop roof repair
Additional roof panels are secured on the car shop.

A small crew worked to secure or reattach the corrugated roof panels that had been blown loose during the infamous winter winds in the Aughwick valley. Sheets were refastened on the car shop.


Next Session

The next session will be held May 6-7, 2005.

You can view other photos of this work session at Bill Adams' EBT Pictorial.

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