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Rockhill Furnace Work Session: August 19-20, 2006

The ninth Rockhill work session of 2006 was held Saturday and Sunday, August 19-20, 2006.

August Crew
The August 2006 Crew.

Those participating included Gordon Brinthaupt Jr., Gordon Brinthaupt III., Lee Rainey, Dave Dietz, Richard Culp, Wade Woodcock, Stephen Jacobs, Jim Sucke, John Morgan, Barb Morgan, Dave Phillips, Andy Van Scyoc, William Adams, Lacey Springer, Charles Wootton, Fred Kuhns, Dick Ullery, Bob Reffner, Bob Goldby, George Cook, Time Diehl, Richard Schell, Chris Coleman, Larry Springer and Reginald Arford.


M-3 Unveiling

M-3 Unveiling
The M-3 and the people who brought her back to life. Stanley Hall - EBT General Manger, Herb Kephart - drive train restoration, Larry Freeman - Project Coordinator, Charlie Wootton - Volunteer, Frank Shoop Jr. - Initial Project Coordinator, Steve Jacobs - Volunteer.
M-3 Maiden Run
The M-3 crosses the long fill at Runk Road on it's maiden run.

The big news of the weekend was the unveiling of the freshly restored and operational M-3 motorcar. Friday the car was presented to the press and a lecture on the car and its restoration was given by project coordinator Larry Freeman. Afterwards the motorcar took its maiden run with the press onboard and Herb Kephart at the throttle. The car made more runs throughout Friday and during the weekend. For more information about the M-3 restoration please look at our restoration page for the M-3.


Passenger Car Lettering

Lettering touch-up
Coach #8 gets its lettering touched up.

A crew worked to reletter some of the passenger equipment that had recently been painted or was in need of refreshing. Primarily coach 8 and caboose 28 received attention which made them blend in better with the train.


Hopper 802

Truck repairs
The crew continues removing parts from the truck.
Truck repairs
Journal boxes are open and the bearing surfaces are being inspected.

The focus of the hopper work continued to be the first of two trucks for the hopper. As more parts were removed from the truck more needed work was evident.


Machine Shop

Priming the tank
Volunteers begin priming the air tank after scraping it down.
Belt enclosure work
The replacement door and siding patches are in place.

The large air reservoir tank outside the main shops entrance was completely scraped and primed with anti-rust primer.

Work also began on the belt enclosure that supplied line shafting power from the Machine Shop to the Blacksmith Shop. The badly rotted door was removed from the enclosure and decades of debris removed from the shaft pit below.


South Car Shop Leads

Spiking track
The crew spikes the track to the ties that were inserted in June.

The south Car Shop leads, where the new FEBT tie inserter cut its teeth in June, were spiked using air tools and a gas powered compressor provided by a crew member.


Paint Shop

Shop windows
The last three windows on the west side of the Paint Shop are now complete.

The last of the rebuilt window sashes were installed in the Paint Shop west wall. The rehabilitation of the Paint Shop west wall windows is now completed.


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