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Rockhill Furnace Work Session: September 9-10, 2006

The tenth Rockhill work session of 2006 was held Saturday and Sunday, September 9-10, 2006.

September crew
The September 2006 Crew.

Those participating included Tom Diehl, Bob Goldby, Barb Morgan, Lee Rainey, Bob Harris, Jim Bacon, Cliff Howell, Wade Woodcock, John Morgan, Reginald Arford, Jane Rutledge, Richard Rutledge, Charles Wootton, Dave Dietz, Dave Phillips, Steve Jacobs, Richard Schell, and Chris Coleman.


Roof Canyon

Applying roofing
The crew permanently applies the roofing to the new roof.

Last year the reconstruction of this roof ended with the temporary installation of the rolled roofing by laying it in place and tacking the sides. This session the remainder of the roof structure was built toward the south end of the "Canyon" and final installation of rubber roof was performed, using adhesive and rollers.


Boiler House

Applying siding
Temporary siding is applied to the Foundry.

Four windows were removed during the rebuilding of the east wall. All were previously rebuilt, primed and painted. This session protective screening was installed over all four window openings. The temporary plywood panels that were installed to seal the openings were removed for future use elsewhere and the repaired sashes reinstalled.

On the north side of the building, the rotted soffits were removed and cleaned out of many hears of dirt, debris and pigeon droppings. Pigeon screening was installed in the soffits place to keep the building secure.

At the end of the session, temporary siding was applied to the south side of the Foundry adjacent to the bridge to the Coal Bin.


Machine Shop

Finish coat
The air tank after the finish coat was completed.
Finish painting
The finish paint goes on the new belt enclosure door and siding patches.
Applying putty
Glazing putty is applied on the west windows.

After being scraped and primed last session, the shops air tank was painted with finish paint. Window glass puttying resumed on the west side of the Machine Shop, with nearly two sashes completed. The Belt enclosure on the north side of the shop, which has long been without a roof, had a new roof fabricated installed primed and painted. The door latch on the main shops door was repaired to make it more reliable. Siding patches in the belt enclosure and generator room were sanded, primed and painted. The new belt enclosure door was primed and painted.

On the west side of the the machine shop, glazing putty was applied to the two window sashes that had previously been repaired and reglazed.



Weeds all around the yard tracks and shops were trimmed, including along Track No. 3, around the Carpentry Shop and behind the Boiler Shop.

Hopper 802

Priming the truck
Applying primer to the truck components.
Finish painting
The finish coat of black paint goes on the hopper body.

One of the first tasks of the weekend was to pick up a load of steel for the hopper. Most of the steel was for the rebuild of the hopper trucks. Pieces are being made to rebuild the truck on hand as well as the one that has yet to be removed from the circus car. With disassembly and cleaning on the first truck completed, priming started on the bolster on Saturday and finish coat Sunday. The last pieces of sheet metal for the hopper body were installed and torqued into place. All sheet metal on the hopper which had not received a finish coat was painted on Sunday morning. The entire body of the hopper received a second coat of paint on Sunday afternoon.


Shops Interior

In preparation for the big shop tours of the Fall Spectacular the interior of the shops were cleaned up. Restoration tools and supplies were collected and stored. Trash was picked up and trash barrels emptied, with all trash hauled away. The floors were swept and additional cleanup was done in the Locomotive Shops pits.


Glass crew
The glass crew at work with the FEBT Restoration display out.

The Glass Reclamation Crew worked away at cleaning the many panes of glass that were removed from aluminum storm window frames over the past several sessions. At the end of the session the last of the panes was cleaned and ready for cutting next session. Once cut into standard sizes, these panes will provide 200 panes of glass for the ongoing Shops restoration.


Combine 14

An FEBT member with substantial experience with wood railroad cars volunteered his time to thoroughly review the status and possible courses of action to repair Combine No. 14. Several hours were spent examining the car and developing a plan.

Chris Coleman
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