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Rockhill Furnace Work Session: November 4-5, 2006

The eleventh and final Rockhill work session of 2006 was held Saturday and Sunday, November 4-5, 2006.

November crew
The November 2006 Crew.

Those participating included Fred Kuhnz, Don Schultz, Bill Blomgren, Andy VanScyoc, Bill Adams, Dave Phillips, Dave Deitz, Wade Woodcock, Barb Morgan, John Morgan, Lee Rainey, Jim Bacon, Steve Jacobs, Charles Wootton, and Chris Coleman.


FEBT Hand Car

Machining bearings
Babbit material is machined to the proper size.
Installed bearing
A new bearing installed in the handcar.
Test run
The handcar is test run on the work pad at the end of the session.

As part of the continuing work to return the FEBT's historic EBT handcar to operable condition, new bearings were machined to be installed in the car. The previous bearings were seriously worn, some worn completely through. Four new bearings were machined and installed.


Hopper 802

The stiffening braces are ground to size.
A torch continues the "Persuasion" of the door stiffeners.
Finished product
The finished doors are installed on the hopper car.

The west doors for the car received final work and were installed on the cars. The tolerances were off a bit and the door stiffiners had to be adjusted to fit the car.


Boiler Shop

Window work
Old screening is removed from one of the Boiler Shop windows.
Putty is applied
Putty is applied to newly installed glass.
At end of session
The Boiler Shop at the end of the work session.

Picking up from work in May, four additional windows were unboarded, repaired and glazed. New screening was applied to the windows. Also four sashes were removed from the south side of the building for reconstruction and later reinstallation.


Boiler House

Applying siding
Siding is applied to the Boiler House.
Completed work
The north wall at the end of the session.

Permanent new board and batten siding was installed on the north wall of the Boiler House. Trim was also installed and temporary window blanks were installed in the window openings until the window sashes can be rebuilt for reinsertion.


Section House

Finished Jigger track
The jigger track in place.

The "jigger" track for the section house was reconstructed using spare rail sections. The jigger track was used to move maintenance of way cars from the track to the section house for storage.


Paint Shop

Finished gutter and downspout
The finished gutter and downspout.

The badly corroded gutter and downspout on the east side of the building were removed and replica period gutter and downspout were installed.


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