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Rockhill Furnace Work Session: June 2-3, 2007

The sixth FEBT Rockhill work session of 2007 took place Saturday and Sunday, June 2-3, 2007. This is the railroad's opening day.

Those participating included Charlie Wootton, Don Schultz, Andy Van Scyoc, Dave Phillips, Lee Rainey, William Waller, Bill Adams, Jane Rutledge, Richard Rutledge, Barb Morgan, John Morgan, Jim Bacon, Cliff Howell, Dave Richards, Dave Dietz, Richard Shell, Steve Jacobs, Wade Woodcock, Richard Culp, Tom Diehl, Reggie Arford, Dick Ullery, Bob Goldby and Chris Coleman


Bracing installed
Bracing is installed across the doorway.

Work continued on stabilizing and aligning the garage. The front wall header was replaced and tied into the north wall. A previously installed temporary brace against which the doors can be closed is seen spanning the opening in the accompanying photo.



Bracing modifiections
The roller assembly is in place for the beam installation.

Preparations were made for the installation of the replacement beam during the next work session. Brackets and support were installed for a set of rollers that will allow the beam to be rolled into place. Also cleanup of the scrap pile under the gantry continued. This entailed separating out and removal of any "modern" scrap metal which would have been added to the pile after the 1956 shutdown.


Machine Shop

Finish painting
Finish paint is applied to the windows.
Screenig windows
Protective screening is installed over the finshed windows.

Four windows on the northwest wall of the Machine Shop that had not recieved finish paint and one that had not received putty or paint were all finished. All five windows had protective screening installed. This completes work on this wall.


Boiler Shop

At session's end
The Boiler Shop south wall at the end of the session.

Power washing was done the the south wall of the Boiler Shop and the shops privy in preparation for later priming and painting. As part of this process, the remaining sashes were removed and the windows covered with OSB sheets. The screening and boards that covered the windows were removed and preliminary siding repairs were performed.


Locomotive Shop

Shop tour
A shop tour in progress.

Work was begun on excavating the transverse drop pit in the Locomotive Shop. The pit had filled with water, dirt and sludge since it was last used. Several wheelbarrow loads were hauled out and rotten pit cover timbers were removed and replaced. This work was done by our tour guide in between shop tours.


Hopper 802

Prepping the truck
The rebuilt truck is prepared for installation.
Pushing wing
The pushing wing and truck installed on the car.
Tamping ties
Volunteers tamp ties in the Paint Shop track.

The south truck was permanently reinstalled under the car making it mobile again. The pushing wings for that end of the car were completed and installed on the trucks. Tie repairs were made to the Paint Shop track and turntable escape track sufficient to allow access to the Paint Shop restoration pad from the Turntable.


Boxcar 168

Work progresses
Woodwork progresses at left and steel work at right.
168 at session's end
#168 at the end of the session.

Work on the roof eaves framing was completed and the ends were boxed in. Steel repairs continued.


Brush Crew

Starting the chipper
The chipper gets a helping hand with a jump start.

The Brush Crew continued the work on the area between the boney pile and wye track, which was started last year. Being prevously cleared of trees, the goal is to take all brush to the ground so that the area can be mowed by a bush hog and kept down.

The Chipper was started for the fist time this year and needed some help with a jump from a volunteer's van.


Next Work Session

The next Rockhill work session will be held Saturday and Sunday, June 23 and 24. See you there!

Lee Rainey,
Rockhill Restoration Coordinator

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