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Rockhill Furnace Work Session: August 16-17, 2008

The August '08 work crew
The August 2008 work crew.

A very special weekend for the work session, the tenth session of the year was held August 16-17, 2008 during the EBT's eighth annual Community Day and first annual Civil War Weekend. In addition to special events and fares, a civil war re-enactment group was present all weekend. Additionally, a visit was paid by Adam Watson, reporter for the Broad Top Bulletin, who took many photos of our projects.

The attendees this session included Dave Phillips, Ray Davidowski, Dave Dietz, Steve Jacobs, Wade Woodcock, Dick Ullery, Lee Rainey, Nick Parsons, Jim Bacon, Dave Richards, Rich Wickett, Chris Coleman, Tom Kozub, Tom Diehl, Lawrence Biemiller, and Reggie Arford.


Locomotive Shop

Applying primer
Primer is applied to the locomotive shop.
Compeleted priming
Priming complete on Saturday.
Compeleted painting
Painting complete on Sunday.

With all the window sashes removed for repair, the Glass Rattlers continued restoration work on the Locomotive Shop with painting on the west wall. Saturday priming began on the west wall of the Locomotive Shop. About two thirds of the wall was primed. Sunday all the primed areas were painted with finish red. The crew hopes to complete painting of the west wall next session


Sand House

Compeleted painting
Painting completed for the weekend.

With more ground level painters than high level painters, the Glass Rattlers opted to start some painting on the Sand House, which was power washed in May. A section about seven by fourteen foot was primed on the east wall of the building on Saturday. The section received finish red paint on Sunday. Painting on the Sand House will continue as volunteers are available.


Stone House

Fixing the roof
Roof coating goes onto the oil room leanto.

The lean-to oil room on the west side of the received roof repairs. A section of the metal roof was reattached on the west side of the building. All of the metal roof was fastened securely and roof coating applied. Repairs were also made to the frame lean-to roof on the south side of the Stone House where weather was coming in. Rolled roofing was applied over damaged areas and was sealed with roof coating.


Boxcar 168

Cleaning the car
After being buffed off, the west side is blown off before priming.
At the worksession's end
State of the car near the end of the work session.

The wheelchair lift was moved into position, mounted and tested. It was found to work very well.

Welding work is nearing completion on the car, with just a bit left. Woodwork continued on converting the boxcar for passenger use. Wood work on the east side and on the north and south ends was completed. The screw holes in those areas were covered with putty and painting was begun. Parts of the interior benches were primed prior to installation. The metal on the west side of the car received a thorough cleaning removing rust and smoothing the steel. That side the received a coat of primer, which is the last of the steel to need primer. The goal of the crew is to have the car ready for service for the 2008 Fall Spectacular.


Machine Shop

Moving large timbers
Many volunteers were required to move the large timbers.
Jacking up the truss
Simultaneous jacking of a truss from two posts.
Steve Jacobs photo

Saturday and Sunday, the FEBT Boiler House Rats, completed jacking up the sagging roof trusses in the EBT Machine Shop. Each truss was jacked 1/8" at a time, with measurements checked several times along the way. The roof was more than compliant, in its rather "soft" state, and there was little creaking and groaning. At one point, the west wall of the Boiler House did "pop", and jumped up ½", then settled back down. This was attributed to the metal flashing joining it to the roof shifting. Once the trusses were raised to their final level, the roof line showed a markedly lessened sag. In fact, the ridge line looks darn straight.

The west wall will need a little more lift at the center to get it in line; this will be done when fabricating of the new 12 x 12" beams is started. The new beam will be built up from 7 layers of 2 x 12s, glued and screwed together (the seventh layer is actually an "adder" strip that will mostly support the west wall).

In order to allow further jacking, the diagonal bracing on the Boiler House wall had to be partially cut away. This bracing had done a lot to hold that wall in place for the last decade.

In addition to this work, the 12x12 post for the center beam support arrived, as well as the 2x12s from Hoffmaster Sawmill.

Also FEBT volunteers, Dave Richards and Rich Wickett spent a half day installing and wiring a 3 phase 7.5 HP motor on the power rig for the locomotive wheel lathe. This device replaces a single phase factional horsepower motor. A bit more remains to be done on this wiring; it should be ready for demonstrations at the Fall Spectacular. This larger motor will make the lathe capable of actually being used for its intended purpose.


Generator Room

The Generator Room roof which was installed by FEBT a few years ago received patching to maintain a good seal.


Next Work Session

The next Rockhill work session will be held Saturday and Sunday, September 20 and 21. See you there!

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