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Rockhill Furnace Work Session: January 15-16, 2011

The first restoration weekend of 2011 was held January 15-16.

Attendees included Lee Rainey, Charlie Wootton, Andy VanScyoc, Jim Bacon, Dave Richards, Matt Rader, Don Chrisville, Bob Harris, Steve Jacobs, Dave Dietz, Dick Ullery, John Krenzel, Aaron Schwartz, Bill Adams, Wade Woodcock and Reggie Arford.

Combine #14

North platform
The north Platform after the new bumper installation.

A plethora of jobs progressed on Combine 14. Prior to the work session the car floor was leveled again allowing work at the session to proceed uninterrupted. The first of three tie rods was installed in a carline across the clerestory to draw the car back to proper width at the roof line. The baggage/passenger compartment partition was partially removed to allow for the change in car width that will follow with the installation of the subsequent two tie rods in February. All truss rods were adjusted and tightened. Work continued on the north end platform rebuild along with further repair to the corresponding draft gear support structure. Framing of the car sides continued with the preparation and installation of several window sills. New clerestory roofing materials and tongue and groove sheathing were milled in preparation of replacement of decayed roofing at future work sessions. Lastly, under body brake gear (reservoir, cylinder, valve, linkage, etc.) mounting fasteners were all replaced and firmly secured.

Boiler House

The Boiler House Rats successfully installed new timbers above the main line shaft bearing that has been sitting on a prop post for the last year. The main shaft is provided power directly from the steam engine and distributes power to all the other line shafts in the shops complex.

Saturday a 5x12 timber was cut to size and hoisted into place. Bolt holes were drilled and the giant slab of wood was fastened. A piece of lumber formerly used as a foundry gantry jack leg was retrieved from the stock shed, hauled it into the shop, and cut to shape (it has a "nose" on each end to fit into a notch in the truss's bottom chord). A steel plate was fabricated to span the rotted spot on the one truss and tie it all together with the bolts. The 6x8 was then manually hauled up onto the scaffold, and with the assistance of one block and tackle, was lifted above the 5x12, and see-sawed into place. Some hammering was needed to get it past the steel plate, but finally it was nested down in the notches.

Sunday the two timbers were bolted together with 3 vertical through bolts, then a couple of hours were spent positioning the line shaft bearing stanchion properly, drilling the holes for its bolts, and getting it secured. Much time was spent re-working the original bolts so they could be reused. The original spacers had to be replaced between the stanchion and the 5x12 with a different one to get the bearing properly aligned due to the uneven settling of the building.

A little time was also spent tidying-up some projects from 2009's work on the roof framing near the former south skylight location.

Next Session

The next session will be held February 12-13, 2011. See you there!

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