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Rockhill Furnace Work Session: February 12-13, 2011

The second restoration weekend of 2011 was held February 12-13.

Attendees included Lee Rainey, Charlie Wootton, Bill Adams, Steve Jacobs, Andy VanScyoc, Jim Bacon, Dave Richards, Dick Ullery, Brad Esposito, Don Chrisville, Bob Harris, Dave Dietz, John Krenzel, Aaron Schwartz, Wade Woodcock, Matt Rader and Reggie Arford

Combine #14

Truss rods
Truss rods installed to square up the car.

The February work session found work progressing well on Combine #14. The work on the North end platform continued with the final installation of the truss rod nuts and other adjustments. The second and third of three tie rods across the clerestory were installed at carlines further improving the overall alignment of the car body. The southwest corner sill replacement was completed with the installation of several long vertical bolts tying two structural elements together. The team was also able to mill 600 feet of tongue-and-groove sheathing for the roof which will be installed at upcoming sessions.

Boiler House

Saturday volunteers began aligning the main line shaft, the one powered directly off the main steam engine. A laser sight was set up with "hook poles" that could be hung on the shaft at various points. The shaft was low at both ends, due to the Car Shop settling and the area by the shop office. A 1" shim was put under the bearing at the west end, which had a non-adjustable bearing block, and the east end was cranked up after we fabricated a special wrench to turn the adjuster "screws". These screws were about 3 inches in diameter with a 1 1/2 square recess in the end. Try as we might, we could not get a 1/2" sag out of the shaft at the first bearing inside the car shop. The reason turned out to be that the wood timbers supporting this area were simply bending when we adjusted the bearing. Therefore, we ended up separating the shaft coupling just inside the car shop to isolate this section.

Then, the main bearing at the wall on this end was found to be tight. It was disassembled, and the babbit in this one was wiped out. It had been run hot with little oil in it, and water had gotten into it from the roof above. The entire bearing was removed for repair. On Sunday the 3 intermediate bearings were adjusted, cleaned, and oiled. Now the shaft turns smoothly by hand.

Also on Sunday, volunteers disassembled the northeast corner of the loft and used the 2x8s from this to build a jacking frame which will be used to lift the stack thimbles as a unit when the time comes to rebuild the south section of the Boiler House roof. Before work can start on the roof the south wall needs to be repaired

Next Session

The next session will be held March 13-14, 2011. See you there!

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