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Rockhill Furnace Work Session: June 25-26, 2011

The June 25-26, 2011 crew
The June 25-26, 2011 crew, posed on the new Combine #14 floor.

The seventh restoration weekend of 2011 was held June 25-26. Temperature was moderate all weekend with no rain and mostly cloudy skies - excellent restoration weather!

Attendees included Jim Bacon, Ed Kosel, Dave Richards, Chris Davidson, Ralph Davidson, Dave Dietz, Andy VanScyoc, Curt Miller, Charlie Wootton, Lawrence Biemiller, Lee Rainey, Dick Ullery, Bill Adams, Mark Yahner, Aaron Schwartz, Bob Goldby, Brad Esposito and Reggie Arford.


Track 1

Volunteers tamp Track 1 while the bobcat in the distance spreads ballast.
Ballast is loaded into Hopper 1000.

In preparation for A Day out with Thomas starting July 4 weekend, the railroad started rebuilding track 1 from the station platform to the switch with the main (this is the track between the main and the station.) They completed the grading, tie installation, rail relaying and spiking. FEBT was asked to assist with the completion of the track. Volunteers were pulled from several other projects and worked all weekend on placing ballast and tamping up and leveling the track. Rockhill Trolley Museum volunteers also worked on the track and M-4, M-6, hopper 802 (restored by FEBT), hopper 1000, the trolley museum bobcat and the trolley museum dump truck were all pressed into service on the project.

by the end of the session 300-400 feet of track were tamped and the rest was ballasted.


Sand House

Painting wall
Painting the back wall of the Sand House.

The lower section of the rear of the Sand House tower was repainted to cover primer dripped on it when the upper tower was painted last month.



Reconditioning was begun on the 12" wide main belt that connects the Shops Steam Engine to the main line shaft. The belt was rolled out and conditioner applied along its length.

Generator Room

Wiring closet
Painting in the wiring closet.
Roof coating
The Generator Room roof is coated with tar.

The debris and dirt inside the wiring closet was cleaned out and the wood floor scraped. The floor and walls of the closet received a first coat of green on the lower section. The upper north wall and window frames received a second coat of cream and the ceiling was touched up. The wiring molding and siding patches on the south, west and north wall installed last session were primed.

After roof coating was completed on the Car Shop, extra tar was used to re-coat the roof on the Generator Room roof, which has developed some small leaks recently.


Car Shop

Roof coating
Volunteers coat the roof the Car Shop.
After some cleanup one can now walk along the wall.

A small crew worked to continued the process of securely screwing down and tarring the east slope of the Car Shop roof, continuing work last year on the same area. The remainder of the roof was completed save for a small section that will need to be removed as part of the current work on the Boiler House.

Inside, cleanup of the southwest corner of the Car Shop was begun. Many timbers were moved to the Lumber Shed with a good deal of trash and scrap moved out as well.


Machine Shop

Coating and cutting
Above, Machine Shop coating, below, joist cutting.

After the Car Shop roof was coated, roof coating continued on the north side of the Machine Shop.


Boiler House

rafter install
New rafters being installed in the south end.
Boiler House work
Soffit and rafter work in progress.

Saturday the Boiler House Rats were short on volunteers but work began on installing rafters in the new south quadrant of the Boiler House roof. The compound angles involved with the hip-style roof made the work very challenging as did the roof intersection with the Car Shop. By end of day all of the south roof section was framed except for three short rafters above the stacks.

Sunday with an additional volunteer attending, two towers of scaffolding were set up on the east side 3 levels high. This enabled the installation of soffit boards on the roof overhang. The two scaffolding towers had to be leap frogged twice as the work progressed along the overhang.

Meanwhile the rafters for the south roof quadrant were completed and roof boards installed. Tar paper was installed over the roof, making it ready for steel installation next session.

After the Car Shop roof was coated, roof coating continued on the north side of the Machine Shop.


Combine #14

Due to the unplanned track work no volunteers were available to work on Combine #14.

Next Session

The next session will be held July 23-24, 2011. See you there!

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