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Rockhill Furnace Work Session: November 14-15, 2015

Blacksmith Shop

Two more additional window frames in the blacksmith shop were rebuilt. The previously repaired sash and hardware cloth guards were installed in one of these. This leaves only two more windows to rebuild to complete this work. Next, we will need about 12-15 pairs of sash to be either rebuilt from scraps or constructed from scratch.

Several new window frames from the Blacksmith Shop got their 2nd coat of finish paint on Sunday, as the temperature was near 60.

window repairs
A rebuilt window frame is installed in the Blacksmith Shop. - Randy Lehrian photo


Gravel was moved from the stockpile to the west wall of the foundry, to close up critter access and keep roof run-off from splashing mud all over the rebuilt wall.

Car Shop

Work continued to repair the foundation for the two center posts on the north end of the Car Shop. In May we poured a new footer and raised the posts up out of the old decomposed concrete. This session the posts were jacked another 3 inches and new treated-wood sill members were installed under the posts. These were solidly attached by drilling them and the footers, and installing anchor bolts into the concrete with bolt-anchor cement. Steel angle bars were also fitted to each side of the two posts, tying everything together. Now the roofline is straight, and nothing can move when the track doors are opened.

The Car Shop track door closest to the Boiler House was found to be able to be pulled open far enough for someone to slither inside, so a new latch was installed, similar to the wooden bar ones installed in the Blacksmith Shop. A steel pin keeps this bar secure from outside fiddling. The steel bar latch on the other door was in good shape, so was left alone.

The small man door between the two posts was in poor shape, so it was repaired and one hinge re-located to solid wood. A new siding board around the hasp area tightened up the gap between it and the east post.

Drilling brackets
The restored Cincinnati Machine drill press is used to drill the brackets for the Car Shop. - Randy Lehrian photo
Installing brackets
Installing the brackets after jacking and installing the new sill. - Randy Lehrian photo


All the operable machine tools in the shop got their bare steel wear surfaces oiled, keeping them rust-free during the coming winter months.

Locomotive Shop

The final door of the locomotive shop is up for the winter. Volunteers finished the sheathing and window trim, mounted the hinges, and hung the door. The lower hinge pin was loose in the post, and was reinforced with a 1/4" steel plate in keeping with other hinge reinforcements. With the rebuilt door hung in place, the bottom and top were trimmed to fit and locking hardware installed on the interior. Special thanks to Charlie Wootton for his help in fabricating the steel reinforcement and hanging the door. Many others helped in final fitment and cleanup.

Remaining work on the door for 2016, besides the obvious painting, are reinstallation of the original latch hardware and custom fitting the final, tapered piece of sheathing at the top. All four doors need final adjustment of interior stops, interior surfaces painted, and the west track needs the stop block installed overhead to prevent the door frames from pushing inward and damaging the sheathing. After replacing the upper siding, the entire wall will be repainted, and then restored window sashes (already on hand) will be reinstalled.

siding installation
Siding installation nears completion on the fourth track door. - Randy Lehrian photo
door installation
The fourth of four rebuild Locomotive Shop doors is installed on the building. - Randy Lehrian photo

Boxcar #955

Report unavailable.

Drilling brackets
Rivets being torched out of the boxcar stirrup. - Randy Lehrian photo

Combine #14

Report unavailable.

Next Session

The next session will be held March 5-7, 2016. Hope to see you there!

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