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Rockhill Furnace Work Session: February 25-26


Only a limited crew was available in February for work on the Blacksmith Shop and Foundry. Some wall bricks for the foundry also got cleaned, but still a long way to go. We need to spend a few hours per day over the next couple sessions with all hands cleaning these bricks, so the east wall can have its last radiator re-installed, and the rest of the foundry's artifacts can be put back in place.

Blacksmith Shop

The crew worked on making parts for the blacksmith shop windows that enabled the sash repaired last year to be installed. Enough material was cut to hopefully be able to install all the sash that currently exist for the building. By the end of the weekend, 3 more windows now have sash in them, including primer, paint and rock screens, which greatly improves the appearance of the building and lets in much more light to the interior. Two more windows remain to have sash installed next restoration session. After that, several window units will need sash manufactured from scratch.

Combine #14 Trucks

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Locomotive Shop

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Combine #14 Body

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