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The Narrow Gauge Railroad Time Forgot...

#14 in the Rockhill yard

Nestled in the hills of south central Pennsylvania is a railroad that time has left behind. When you visit the East Broad Top Railroad today, you will find a ghost railroad, shut down over 50 years ago, but never abandoned. Sitting quietly ever since, the East Broad Top Railroad is a slice of history that, unlike many other small lines, was never torn up.

Now, the same rails that at once saw steam engines hauling trains of coal rust quietly in the forest. In Rockhill Furnace, the shops, originally built in the nineteenth century and fully equipped to maintain the railroad, its locomotives and rolling stock, wait for the skilled workers who will never return. In this time capsule of American Industrial History, you can still find work started over a half century ago waiting patiently for the skilled hands, long gone, to return to the lathes, drills and forges.

Preserving & Restoring Living History

Our mission is the preservation and restoration of the East Broad Top Railroad. Our museum in Robertsdale contains a priceless collection of artifacts from the railroad's common carrier era. At Rockhill Furnace and Robertsdale vital work is under way to stabilize, preserve and restore historic railroad structures, track and rolling stock. FEBT has documented many of the railroad's buildings, some of which have fallen victims of the ravages of time. Our publication, the Timber Transfer documents the ongoing research and work done by the society. Our "Company Store" provides documents, plans, books and DVDs for those who are interested in the East Broad Top Railroad, as well as modeling supplies for those who may wish to recreate the EBT in model form.

Over 900 strong, our members work to not only research and document the EBT's past, but also to ensure this National Historic Landmark, the oldest original narrow gauge railroad east of the Mississippi, continues as a living history museum for future generations to enjoy.

We invite you to learn more about the East Broad Top Railroad and Friends of the East Broad Top by exploring our web site. Then why not join us and help keep alive a unique piece of American history.


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