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Friends of the East Broad Top art raffle:
October drawing for original EBT painting                                                 

Leaving Robertsdale
Leaving Robertsdale, Pennsylvania, an original acrylic painting by noted railroad artist John H. Coker that you can win.

Friends of the East Broad Top will give away the original painting Leaving Robertsdale, Pennsylvania, in a drawing to be held on October 11, 2008, as part of our 26th annual fall celebration. The income we receive from the sale of raffle tickets for this drawing will be used to support our restoration program.

Grand prize

The grand prize to be awarded in the October drawing is Leaving Robertsdale, Pennsylvania, an original 15 x 22-inch acrylic painting commissioned by FEBT in 2004 from noted railroad artist and FEBT member John H. Coker. In this painting the artist depicts one of the East Broad Top Railroad’s distinctive 2-8-2 steam locomotives passing the Robertsdale water tank and the loading platform for mine no. 5 with a train of empty steel hopper cars headed for the mines at Woodvale and Alvan. The painting is protected by an exhibition-style frame with ultraviolet-light-safe glass. The current value of this framed artwork is estimated to be $1,000.00 or more.

Reproductions of Leaving Robertsdale were used to thank donors during the fourth year of our restoration fund-raising campaign. Any donor who contributes $50.00 or more to our restoration fund campaign by August 31, 2008, may still obtain one of these art reproductions. See our current fund-raising announcement for more information.

Other prizes

In addition to the original painting Leaving Robertsdale, Pennsylvania, Friends of the East Broad Top will also select winners for five art reproductions of Afternoon Call and ten art reproductions of Leaving Robertsdale, Pennsylvania, all signed by John H. Coker and five art reproductions of October Evening, Orbisonia, signed by Frank Victor. These reproductions, produced for our restoration fund-raising campaign, were signed by the artists for promotional use by FEBT. These signed reproductions will be awarded at the October art raffle drawing.

Sale of raffle tickets

Raffle tickets for Leaving Robertsdale, Pennsylvania, will be sold at the 2008 FEBT Summer Celebration, the 2008 FEBT Fall Reunion (before the raffle drawing), and during other FEBT activities this year. The price of one art raffle ticket is $10.00; purchasers who buy ten raffle tickets for $100.00 will receive an eleventh ticket free. Note that each purchaser must complete and return ticket stubs with the requested contact information to enter the drawing for Leaving Robertsdale.

FEBT members and others who wish to buy art raffle tickets by mail may do so by sending the appropriate payment to us at the following address:

FEBT Art Raffle
c/o Robert R. Farquharson
6707 Wakehurst Road
Charlotte NC 28226-5565

Please make all checks payable to Friends of the East Broad Top or FEBT. Only payments for raffle tickets should be mailed to this address. The sale of art raffle tickets by mail ends August 31, 2008.

Under current US Internal Revenue Service regulations, the purchase of raffle tickets is not eligible for treatment as a tax-deductible charitable contribution to Friends of the East Broad Top.

October drawing for raffle winners

Ticket stubs will be drawn from those returned by the deadline to determine the winners of Leaving Robertsdale, Pennsylvania, and the signed art reproductions. Alternate winners will also be chosen in case winners cannot be contacted using the information they provided on the selected ticket stubs. The draw will take place at approximately 8pm in the Orbisonia Lions Hall, before the start of the Fall reunion auction.

Returning ticket stubs for the drawing

As noted above, purchasers must complete and return raffle ticket stubs with contact information to enter the October drawing for Leaving Robertsdale, Pennsylvania. Ticket stubs must be returned to Friends of the East Broad Top in one of the following ways:

  1. If purchased in person from a FEBT representative, completed ticket stubs may be returned to the FEBT representative from whom the raffle tickets were purchased.
  2. Completed ticket stubs may be returned to FEBT by mail at the FEBT Art Raffle address stated above; note that raffle ticket stubs mailed to this address must be received by September 15, 2008.
  3. Finally, completed ticket stubs may be returned to FEBT in person on October 11, 2008, up to one hour before the actual raffle drawing.

Additional rules and conditions

In addition to the terms stated above, the following rules and conditions apply to the 2008 Friends of the East Broad Top Art Raffle:

  1. An entrant in the raffle drawing does not have to be present to win. However, any raffle entrant who provides incorrect or invalid contact information may forfeit his or her prize.

  2. The winner of Leaving Robertsdale, Pennsylvania, must provide a valid tax identification number to FEBT and assumes complete responsibility for all taxes due.
  3. FEBT retains the copyright and all reproduction rights for Leaving Robertsdale, Pennsylvania.

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