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Donate to the FEBT! Although the day-to-day operation of the Friends of the East Broad Top is generally covered from members dues, funds to carry out the major part of the FEBT mission statement, preserving and restoring the EBT, comes from the generous monetary donations of individuals like you. Please note that FEBT membership is not required to donate, and membership is not granted by donating. To join the FEBT, please click the FEBT Membership link in the Product Categories box on the Company Store home page.

We are currently in the sixth year of a multi-year fund raising campaign and using the resources we obtain to support the continuing work of our volunteers to preserve and restore historically significant elements of the East Broad Top Railroad, including:
  • Restoration and rehabilitation of historic buildings at Roberstdale and Rockhill Furnace
  • Restoration and rehabilitation of historic EBT passenger and freight cars in our car restoration facility in the EBT paint shop building in Rockhill Furnace, where we work on historic EBT cars and other equipment
  • Further development of our museum and its collection
  • Documentation of endangered historic assets along EBT's right of way
Each donation we receive will be acknowledged in writing by the treasurer of our restoration fund. FEBT is a registered non-profit organization, and as such your donations are tax deductible. Please click here for additional information on donating to the FEBT.

Enter your donation amount in the box labeled "Donation Amount" below. Example: Enter 100 in the box for a $100 donation. Then click the "add this to my cart" button. The FEBT member discount is not applied to donations.

A final opportunity...
Friends of the East Broad Top now offers donors a final opportunity to obtain reproductions of paintings we commissioned from noted railroad artist Peter A. Lerro, Jr. Each painting features East Broad Top Railroad equipment and buildings which have been part of our restoration efforts since 2001. We will be happy to provide one of our authorized art reproductions (many numbered and signed by the artist) to acknowledge each contribution of $75 or more which we receive before the final deadline of December 31, 2018.

Lerro Prints
Reproductions of original paintings by Peter Lerro. Upper left Action at the Company Square: Robertsdale, Pennsylvania (15.5" x 22" image size), offered to donors in 2013; upper right A Beehive of Activity: Rockhill, Pennsylvania (15.5" x 20" image size), 2014; middle right Meet at Coles Tank: East Broad Top Railroad (11.75" x 25" image size), 2015; lower left Late Afternoon at the Tipple: Rockhill, Pennsylvania (19.5" x 16" image size), 2016; and lower right Keeping the Wheels Rolling: Rockhill Pennsyvania (11.5" x 25" image size), 2017.

We appreciate donations of any amount but donating a tax-deductible contribution of $75 or more will allow you to receive one of these beautiful Peter A. Lerro, Jr. painting reproductions. Click one of the checkboxes below to select your free gift, or leave them unchecked if you do not want one of these wonderful prints. You should receive your gift from the Restoration Fund Treasurer in four to six weeks. Change the shipping name and address during checkout if you wish to send a print to someone as a gift.

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