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Shipping & Returns

The following shipping charges apply to all orders shipped to addresses within the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii. Payment of the required charge for shipping must be included with your order! All orders are shipped via the US Postal Service at lowest reasonable cost.

Drawings, maps, photographs Shipping charge for all drawings, maps and photographs is $10.00 for the first 10 items plus $5.00 additional for every 10 items over the first 10 items. Note drawings and maps are shipped directly from New Jersey, so delays may affect actual shipping time.

Books, tapes, CDs, and DVDs For hardcover books the shipping charge is $6.00 for the first book plus $3.00 for each additional hardbound book. For softcover and spiral-bound books, tapes, CDs, and DVDs, the shipping charge is $4.00 for the first item plus $2.00 for each additional softbound or spiral-bound book, tape, CD, or DVD.

Modeling supplies, building paper, printed signs, decals and dry-transfer lettering Shipping charge for modeling supplies is $6.50 for up to two items; the shipping charge for each additional item is $1.00. Shipping charge for block and detail paper and asphalt siding building paper is $5.00 for any quantity. Shipping charge for printed signs, decals, and large-scale dry-transfer lettering sheets is $2.50 per order.

1983 FEBT Newsletters The shipping charge for each set of 1983 FEBT Newsletters is $6.50.

The Timber Transfer The following charges for shipping apply to orders for back issues of The Timber Transfer: $4.00 for 1-4 issues; $5.00 for 5-12 issues; $6.00 for 13-24 issues; $7.00 for 25-36 issues; $8.00 for 37 or more issues; and $10.00 for each complete set of Volumes 1 through 24.

Miscellaneous items Shipping charge for miscellaneous items is $5.00 per order, regardless of number and type of items ordered.

For all orders shipped to addresses outside the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii, please contact the FEBT Company Store in advance to obtain the correct amount to include for shipping and handling. We have provided an automated way for you to request the shipping and handling cost. During checkout on the Delivery Information page, select the "Shipping by Quote" method and click the "Click here for shipping quote" link. This brings up a page with a "Request a Quote" button which automatically sends an email to the Company Store requesting a shipping cost quote for the contents of your shopping cart. The Company Store will get back to you with the proper shipping cost. When you have received the quote, log back in and checkout, entering the quoted shipping cost. You can then complete the checkout process by selecting your payment method and confirming your order.

If an item needs to be returned, please contact the FEBT Company Store in advance for authorization and instructions.

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