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The Pennsy’s P5 Electrics

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Catalog Number: PRR5
The Pennsy’s P5 Electrics by Frederick Westing, Mike Bezilla and Roger L. Keyser (2002).

This publication is perfect bound, soft covered book with 116 pages, with close to 200 photos (11 in color). This book also contains 13 line drawings, with a few other small illustrations sprinkled through the pages. There is a fifteen chapter tome by the late Fred Westing, a 14-year Baldwin Locomotive Works veteran, covering everything from development, through construction details, use in passenger service, problems with the design, testing, modifying the P5a, riding head-end, and relegation to freight service. Westing’s work is followed by an equally enlightening dissertation on the P5 with many photographs by Mike Bezilla. A third section describes notable P5 wrecks including photographs, diagrams and ICC Accident Investigation Reports.

In addition to in-depth coverage of the development, testing and operation of the class P5, there is a pictorial study of PRR Electrics with multiple photos of all classes from the AA1 through R1 and equipment rosters by Roger L. Keyser, which include LIRR and PRR electric locomotives by class, a complete listing of the PT&T class AA, BB and DD units with original numbers and subsequent PRR numbers, and a PRR and LIRR, five page all-time roster of electric locomotives arranged by road, class and number.

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