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Brickyard Cart

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Workers at the Mount Union brickyards used carts to move stacks of bricks around the plants. These 3D printed models are accurate reproductions of the carts used in the Harbison-Walker plant with 6 boards (shown on the left in the image), and North American Refractories Co. (NARCO) plant with 2 boards (shown on the right in the image). Both Harbison-Walker carts and NARCO carts are available in HO, S, and O scales; the NARCO carts are shown in HO and S scales only. The image shows the carts in HO scale at the front, S scale in the middle and O scale at the back. Note the 1 inch grid lines on the cutting board in the image; these models are small! The carts in the image are painted to bring out the detail in the photograph; the models are shipped unpainted.

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